By Rachel Wulff

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Perched high above the traffic on Douglas Boulevard in Roseville was a sight you don’t see too often – a mother goose that decided to make a hair salon rooftop its new home.

It’s a mother goose tale that has an 8-year-old’s imagination going wild.

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“I must protect my children, that’s probably what she is thinking,” said Daniella Alonzo.

Wildlife experts like Greg Grimm say birds often look to build their nests up high.

“What’s natural for a bird for safety is high up. So the higher up they can be, the more they feel secure,” said Grimm.

Grimm said he sees goose and duck nests in strange places often, but nobody can move them due to the Migratory Bird Act.

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“So you don’t want to touch it, if they are using the nest, they’re protecting it. That nest is in use and you can’t, by law, mess with it,” he said.

For Salon Rouge employees, the concern is what happens when the eggs hatch.

“I don’t know if they wait until they can float down and fly or she gives them a little boost,” said Stephanie Murphy.

Drone13 caught a birds-eye view of the salon’s proximity to a local creek.

Murphy hopes she gets the goslings there.

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“Hopefully she is not going to take them down Douglas to get to the water. Hopefully, another direction,” Murphy said.