By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man accused of attacking an 8-year-old in Sacramento was released from jail this week, and some were wondering why after he allegedly attacked a woman just days before.

The woman’s husband, Angel Cervantes, said he believes 53-year-old Richard Lopez should have never been released.

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“It feels like the city is not really concerned about our safety,” he said.

Cervantes was concerned with the lack of action taken after he says his wife was walking into a doctor’s appointment when a stranger strong-armed her.

“He randomly rushed her, attacked her, threw her against the rails until luckily one of the workers came out and intervened,” he said.

Cervantes found the man a few hours later near the same location and kept an eye on him until police arrived.

“We pressed charges just so if this happened, at least it would detour it from happening again,” he said.

The problem is, that didn’t help. Sacramento police confirmed they detained Lopez and cited him for misdemeanor battery. Lopez was then transported to receive unspecified health services.

Two days later on April 1, he allegedly assaulted an 8-year old boy on the same street on Freeport Blvd near Bidwell Way.

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“He was released not only the first time when my wife was attacked but then the second time when the 8 year-old-boy was attacked, just in my head, I’m like what more needs to happen for somebody to do something about this,” Cervantes questions.

CBS13 asked Sacramento County DA’s Office why Lopez was released. According to their office, his release was based on COVID protocols.

“He should be off the streets because he is violent,” saidd the boy’s mom, Megan Gash.

In an interview earlier this week, Gash expressed her frustration over the man’s release.

“It’s crazy that he got out and it’s another nuanced issue with COVID,” she said. “At the same time this guy has a record, come on,” Gash said.

Court records show Lopez has multiple prior arrests for battery. And he’s actually back in jail again after missing a court date this week. Cervantes believes Lopez shouldn’t have had the chance to hurt anyone else after his wife.

“I get COVID protocols are going on, it’s a dangerous virus but that shouldn’t trump criminals and our safety,” said Cervantez.

Cervantez’s wife was not injured in the attack. According, to the district attorney’s office, they requested a higher bail for Lopez after he missed his court hearing.

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Lopez is being held on $200,500 bail. His next court date is scheduled for April 9.

Velena Jones