By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A group of businesses in the Arden area are calling on the City of Sacramento to do more in protecting and patrolling the homeless encampments outside.

“To think this is an alternative is crazy to me,” said Ron Lazzaro with Dan Caputo Company, which manages office space on Lathrop Way.

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Owners say when you’re in business, you make it your business to know what’s going on outside your front door.

“I get it when people are down on their luck. I do have that empathy but there’s crimes being committed there is drugs being slung,” Lazzaro said.

They’ve had about enough of the dozens of RV’s, trailers, and homeless camps across the street.

“We’ve done our best telling people to leave. They have broken down vehicles,” he said.

Lazzaro says his tenants deal with many issues — including theft of water.

“They tap into the sprinkler system. They tap into the backflows on the property,” he said. “We’ve had to put several cages and reinforce locks.”

Not to mention the trash. He and other businesses have complained so much, the city has agreed to offer weekly trash collection.

“And they told us just make sure your bags, everything is bagged up and make it easy for them,” said Daniel Williams, who is living in his trailer for a few months at the encampment.

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Williams tries to keep his area clean.

“I actually go up and down the street and help other people clean theirs because there’s some that don’t, which doesn’t make it easy for us either,” Williams said.

It’s those few that Lazzaro has keyed in on, working out a deal with the police for a substation there.

“We’re going to have them occupy a front area. They got their own restroom,” Lazzaro said.

Lazzaro says his company will continue to maintain its private property. He wants the city to do its part on the public street.

“We’re a taxpaying company. We put a lot of money into our buildings. We care about our tenants and this is kind of one of those things where your hands are tied,” Lazzaro said.

The City of Sacramento said in a statement they are working to address the ongoing refuse concerns while also adhering to the guidance set forth in the county’s public health order regarding the pandemic and people experiencing homelessness.

“The City and its contractors regularly visit the area to provide cleaning and refuse-collection services and have visited the area approximately 40 times in recent months. The City will be there again today providing cleaning and refuse-collection services,” said Tim Swanson with the City of Sacramento in a statement.

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City officials also said they are continuing to try and launch new Safe Ground and Safe Parking sites for unsheltered residents.