By Rachel Wulff

A goose with a potentially fatal injury has taken flight and wildlife experts are trying to figure out where it’ll land next so they can try to help it.

“It’s been at least a month, now, and it comes for a few days and goes for a few days,” said

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This Canada goose has an arrow through its neck.

“It’s kind of right through the back of its neck and flies fine,” said Heather Paul.

The goose has been making Paul’s pasture home.

“We have the pond and the pastures and it seems really happy eating what’s here. I was feeding the cows hay in the winter, so there was seeds from that. So I think it enjoys eating leftovers,” said Paul.

It’s been spotted at more than a half dozen locations.

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“It’s really so healthy, so that’s the reason they are having a hard time catching it and it’s just amazing something like that would seem so catastrophic it’s managed to survive through,” said Paul.

This isn’t the first time something like this has gone afoul. Wildlife experts have rescued wild turkeys with arrows through them and ducks.

“We get frequent calls of birds that have been shot with an arrow and are running around or flying around,” said Greg Grimm with Gold Country Animal Rescue.

But Gold Country Wildlife Rescue is curious as to how it happened. Canada geese are protected by law and hunting is forbidden in residential areas. So can the arrow be safely removed?

“It depends but usually a surgery allows us to remove the arrow, and once the animal recovers it would be allowed to be safely released back into the wild,” said Grimm.

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Grimm says the goose gets along swimmingly with the other waterfowl. She says until rescuers gather the goose it has plenty of get up and go.