By Marissa Perlman

WHEATLAND (CBS13) – Julie Banks’ husband, Rory Banks, is accused of breaking into a man’s house and killing him.

She says she is shocked her husband is accused of this crime, but calls him a good man.

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Julie says her husband had been growing increasingly paranoid over the past several months and believes he was in the middle of a mental episode.

“I don’t know what to think,” she said.

She was emotional speaking about her husband. He’s accused of breaking into the home of Ralph Mendez, 55, in the dark of night before shooting and killing him.

The Banks live about a mile away from Mendez’s home, but Wheatland police say the two didn’t know each other.

CBS13 asked Banks why her husband may have targeted Mendez.

“I think he despised people who hurt children,” she said.

CBS13 is learning Mendez is registered as a sex offender, for committing sexual acts with someone under 14 years old in 2009. Julie Banks says it’s possible her husband could have found Mendez on the Megan’s Law website.

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She remembered a recent conversation they had about local sex offenders.

“There’s a lot in Wheatland, that’s what he said to me,” said Julie Banks.

Police discovered pipe bombs while serving a search warrant at the Banks’ home on McCurry Street, and forcing the neighborhood to evacuate.

Julie says in recent months, her husband was growing active in Q’Anon, a fringe conspiracy theory group active on social media.

His car features a “Q” sticker outside their home.

Julie is not sure when she’ll be able to speak to her husband next to get the full story.

“I wish I could hug him and give him a kiss. I’m not trying to discount what has happened, at all,” said Julie Banks.

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CBS13 spoke with the Mendez family, they didn’t want to speak on camera but say Ralph Mendez was putting his life back together at the time of his death.