SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A fight onboard a flight from Sacramento to San Diego resulted in a flight attendant getting punched. CBS13 spoke with a passenger who was on the plane when it happened.

The seated passenger, 28-year-old Vyvianna Quinonez, is accused of hitting the flight attendant. (Emphasis added)(credit: Taro Arai)

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In photos obtained by CBS13, you can see the flight attendant with blood streaming down the side of her face.

The airline said a passenger repeatedly ignored instructions to put up their tray table and buckle their seat belt, then became verbally and physically abusive while the flight was still in the air — right before landing.

Officers escorted Quinonez off of the plane and arrested her. (credit: Taro Arai)

Taro Arai, the owner of Sacramento restaurant Mikuni, was on that flight and took some photos.  He says he heard yelling, then saw the two shoving each other, and then the flight attendant getting punched in the face.

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“So, now she’s bleeding everywhere in the back looking at us and this lady

The flight attendant, who also reportedly lost two teeth in the assault, was wheeled through the terminal in a wheelchair. (credit: Taro Arai)

who hit went back to her seat wore a mask — nothing happened seems like,” he said. “I’m like huh, woah, I mean, she was so strong she could knock me out.”

The accused attacker is 28-year-old Vyvianna Quinonez. She was escorted off the plane by officers and was arrested on the charge of battery causing serious bodily injury.

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