SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A judge has denied the petition for a restraining order that would have kept a newly hired Sacramento city council staff member off city hall property.

The city had field a petition for a workplace violence restraining order against Councilmember Katie Valenzuela’s new communications aide Skyler Henry. The order aimed to keep Henry at least 100 feet away from city hall.

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Henry’s hiring shined a light on previous comments he made on a political podcast condoning acts of vandalism by protesters at the mayor and other city leaders’ homes.

In a closed session, Sacramento City Attorney Susana Alcala Wood said councilmembers voted 8-1 in favor of seeking the restraining order.

However, on Thursday, Wood announced that the restraining order had been denied.

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“We are deeply disappointed with the court’s decision and respectfully disagree,” Wood said in a statement released by the city.

“We remain very concerned about Skyler Michel-Evleth’s comments and his refusal to reject the practice of terrorizing the spouses or children of political opponents. We do not accept the attempted re-invention of his violent rhetoric as a peaceful call for responsible government,” Wood added.

Henry tweeted a statement in response to the restraining order effort on Wednesday, writing that he was disappointed in the action.

“I firmly believe some members of the City have created this entire situation to suppress dissent and that it reflects a shameful political attack against Councilwoman Valenzuela,” Henry wrote.

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A civil rights attorney had told CBS13 that the city’s argument was not a strong one.