By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Record-breaking temperatures can be tough on humans, but they can also put your pooch in some serious peril.

Pet owners are being warned that going for a walk in the high heat could cause serious injuries to their dogs.

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Nine-month-old Kona is learning how to beat the Sacramento summer heat. Her owner Mark Wemple says he’s changing his dog walking habits due to the triple-digit temperatures.

“I don’t take her out in the afternoon because it’s just too hot,” Mark said.

And as the thermometer rises, veterinary clinics say they see more animals coming in with heat-related injuries.

“Oslo has one wrapped up paw here from walking on ground that was a little too hot,” Bruceville Hospital Vet Technician Julia Armstrong said of one pet.

It’s an all too common problem this time of year.

“We had a dog that got loose from its owner and by the time they captured the dog, all of her paws were blistered and ripped open and raw from running on asphalt,” Armstrong said.

They say on a 90-degree day, pavement temperatures can reach 150 degrees.

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“They have a little footpad like our palms that is all very tender skin,” Armstrong said. “It’s meant to be walked on, but it’s not meant to be on sizzling hot ground.”

One tip they offer is to first touch the sidewalk with the back of your own hand.

“If that is uncomfortable to you, that is really uncomfortable to your dog’s tender little paws,” Armstrong said.

So put those hot dog walks on pause.

“You’ll have to go for a walk in the evening when the sun goes down or in the morning before it gets too hot,” Armstrong said.

It’s a sacrifice that’ll make man’s best friend an even better friend and oh so thankful.

“They trust us to take care of them,” Armstrong said.

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And vets say if you must walk outside, try to go to a place with grass, and if you can, carry your dog from the car because even a few seconds on hot concrete can cause serious burns.