By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento mom says a tow driver dropped her truck then refused to cover the repair estimate.

She called AAA when the starter failed. When the truck got to the house, things went south.

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Home security cameras captured the tow truck backing into Brandi Tudor’s driveway. It shows her 2004 Dodge Ram rolling right off the tow truck, slamming the bumper into the driveway and the truck bottom hitting the edge of the flatbed.

“It was sheer panic,” Tudor said. “I’m thinking oh my God, my husband’s truck!”

Golden State Towing admitted to us they damaged the bumper and offered $1,500 to fix it.
But Brandi has estimates ranging from $5,506.00 to $13,617.93, claiming damage to everything from the bumper and oil pan to the frame, suspension, shocks, and alignment.

“They’re acting like we’re trying to get a free truck out of them and we don’t want a free truck. We just want our truck the way it was before they towed it,” Tudor said.

AAA sent out the tow company and said they are not liable for damages caused by third-party contractors, but will get involved if there is a dispute.

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“We attempted to make the Member whole but the offer was declined,” AAA said in a statement.

AAA confirmed the damage with an estimate from a AAA-chosen repair shop and agreed to cover the $13,617.93 in repairs. But some parts for her truck are no longer available. AAA then agreed to cut her a $13,000 check. She turned it down, saying it will cost $20,000 to replace the truck.

“I really shouldn’t have to pay it. I’m not the one who damaged the vehicle.”

Golden State towing says the drop couldn’t have caused the damage listed in the estimate.

“I do not deny we damaged the truck,” Golden State Towing said in a statement. I am responsible for repairing (the) vehicle back to the condition it was prior to damaging it.
The customer has filed a complaint with AAA and they are currently investigating the claim, I am currently waiting to hear back from them on what (their) decision is.”

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Blue Book shows Tudor’s truck is worth $7,000 – $12,000.