By Laura Haefeli

PLUMAS COUNTY (CBS13) – Highlands Ranch Resort is about 10 miles west of the town of Chester in Plumas County. Between them is burned national forest and homes that have been destroyed in the DIxie Fire, which is now the third-largest wildfire in California history.

It was a familiar sight for two employees who live at the resort. Just a few years ago, both were forced out of their Paradise home due to the Camp Fire.

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“After going through the Camp Fire, I’m just going through it all over again,” said Mikki.

He and his friend George have found themselves now running from another wildfire.

“When I left the Camp Fire, this is what I had—T-shirt, jeans and my dog,” Mikkie said.

“Going through this a second time, it’s brutal,” George said.

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This time, when the Dixie Fire burned toward the Highlands Ranch Resort—where they both live and work—they knew to be prepared.

“My truck is fully loaded with everything that counts. I can be out of here in two minutes, but I don’t want to go—it’s my home,” Mikki said.

As long as it’s safe, Mikki and George say they’ll stay and will open the resort doors to fire crews free of charge.

”These poor guys are out here all night, came back this morning, ‘Can I have that room?’ ” Mikki said. “He was dead dog tired. Go take a hot shower, get a nap.”

Crews are still in the Chester area making sure spot fires don’t pop up.

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Cal Fire said the Red Flag Warnings for the area have been lifted, which means those high temperatures and strong winds that make firefighting so difficult are now gone.