By Laura Haefeli

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Popular fall events went off without a hitch Saturday. The Folsom Renaissance Faire welcomed guests despite the low air quality caused by fires burning nearby.

With the Caldor burning nearby, an unexpected haze filled the festival sky on Saturday.

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“I thought I could come out for a few hours. We’re trying to limit it because we want to stay healthy,” Delaon said.

CBS13 asked Cal Fire why the smoke is back.

“There’s a couple different reasons. There’s still a lot of work on the Caldor incident, said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Jon Heggie.

Heggie explained the Caldor Fire is nearly 80% contained, but there’s still plenty of dry brush that’s on fire.

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“That’s producing some smoke,” said Heggie.

Windy conditions aren’t helping.

“It’s allowing the smoke to settle in that Sacramento basin area. People are looking forward to getting out, but the air quality being poor throughout the region—we’re asking people to monitor themselves,” Heggie said.

Festival guests still got the turkey legs and funnel cake they were hoping for.

“Oh this is a great festival,” said festival guest Larry Carlson.

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The Folsom Renaissance Faire will continue through the weekend, but if you do plan on being outside, Cal Fire suggests taking breaks indoors when you can.