By Laura Haefeli

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A storm for the ages ripped through the Sacramento Valley, leaving behind serious damage. But when the storm cleared, the sky was blue and the air was clean.

“Today is amazing. I love the contrast right after it rains. You get the sun fresh air around beautiful flowers,” said Michelle Huang, who lives in Sacramento.

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After months of wildfire ash filling the Sacramento valley, followed by a record-breaking rainstorm, Michelle Huang’s relieved to spend her birthday outside.

“I could not have asked for more,” said Huang.

While Huang stopped to smell the roses, others ate lunch outdoors.

“I actually normally always eat inside but it’s just such a beautiful day the leaves starting to turn brown and yellow it’s just so nice,” said says Vlad Biahaza, who lives in Sacramento

Neighbors took advantage of the fresh air, after the wettest day in Sacramento since 1880.

“I’m really happy to wake up today and it was not the end of the world. We live to see another day,” said Sacramento native Sam Mirkovich.

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The bomb cyclone may have left behind damage on the ground but experts say it cleaned out the sky.

“It really does clean things out quite a bit our air quality is really good now,” said Eric Kurth, with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

So how did Sunday’s cyclone lead to Monday’s sunny skies? We’re getting answers.

“The Central Valley is right between two mountain ranges and when we get a strong storm system like that it sweeps a lot of that stuff — whether it’s pollen or dust or smoke — and then just pulls it out of the area,” said Kurth.

So is the cliché true? Look good, feel good? With a clear day free from allergies, Sam Mirkovich says yes.

“I feel like my nose is clear. Calm after the storm…it’s really nice to be able to walk the dogs,” he said.

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The experts we spoke to said the storm will likely put an end to a lot of the nearby hotspots from wildfires, which will also help clear the skies of any remaining ash.