By Marlee Ginter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Eight-pound chihuahua mix, Jasper, will run like the rest of them, cuddle, and even enjoy a good scratch behind the ears. But it’s clear he’s one of a kind when he tilts his head and gives a big smile.

“So Jasper was just born with a body that isn’t built like other dogs,” said Haley Waugh.

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Haley waugh with the front street animal shelter first told us about jasper the smiling dog back in September. Hoping to raise money for whatever medical condition was causing the constant smile, but above all to find him a home.

“So since we last spoke, well one his video that we did with you guys really took off and it was pretty incredible to see just the reaction from all over the world,” said Waugh.

Donations poured in adding up to 60-thousand dollars, but the most priceless gift of all: Jasper found his forever family with Haley and her partner Brady.

“Once I saw their bond, I was like, we have to adopt this dog,” said Haley’s partner, Brady O’Neill.

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“But was it intimidating to take jasper on considering all of his medical issues?

“Oh no. Not at all, she’s brought home so many animals,” said Brady O’Neill. “We’ve actually seen a lot of improvement.”

Jasper is now getting help from UC Davis veterinarians. And while it’s still not clear exactly what causes jasper’s smile, it’s no doubt it’s in part to his newfound family.

It just kind of made me think that I wanted to be that person and our family got to be the one that he got to live out the rest of his life and make sure that his needs would always be met. I just couldn’t say goodbye.

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