By Tony Lopez

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The city of Roseville is growing rapidly, and along with all those new homes comes new places to play. But the process of choosing names for new parks, well, let’s just say it’s taken on a super fun spin.

A vacant property will soon be one of seven new parks in Roseville, and all of them need names. The city asked people to offer suggestions, and more than four dozen responses came in.

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“It’s exciting to see the public in our community being very engaged in this process,” said Tara Gee with City of Roseville Parks.

Many of the suggestions were named for people or neighborhoods, but among all those ideas, one stands out more than any other.

“‘Super Happy Fun Time’ really describes why we build parks,” Gee said of one of the suggested names.

That’s right, Super Happy Fun Time is the recommended name for a two-acre park in the Campus Oaks neighborhood, just west of the former Hewlett Packard plant.

“The Parks and Recreation Commission voted on this and they really liked the fun perspective that that name brings,” Gee said.

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So we asked: what will make this new park so super, happy, and fun?

“We’re looking at pickle ball courts, a fitness course, as well, a fenced-off leash dog park,” Gee said.

“My dog will love that, he’s always looking for new adventures,” one Roseville resident said.

Now the biggest question may be: will it ever live up to its unforgettable name?

“I think it will, I think it will bring the hype and attention for sure,” another resident said.

So just how original is this name? For a park, We couldn’t find one with that name. We found a “Super Happy Funland” in Houston, which is a music venue but no park.

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The city council is set to vote on approving seven new park names Wednesday. The groundbreaking for the potential ‘Super Happy Fun Time Park’ will take place this summer.