SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Police Department is sharing a timeline of their interaction with the suspects before Sunday morning’s war in the streets of downtown that left six people dead and 12 people hurt.

In one of the suspect’s livestreams time-stamped at 9:45 p.m. Saturday, you see the Martin brothers who would later be named as suspects connected to the downtown shooting. You also see Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi who is among the six killed. The video shows people drinking, flashing signs, and several people holding up guns.

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The same video shows an interaction with Sacramento police who were driving by on Traction Avenue in North Sacramento searching for two missing kids.

In the livestream, you can hear an officer ask the group if they’ve seen these children. The group says no, and the patrol car leaves.

911 Call Earlier That Night

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A woman in that same North Sacramento apartment complex on Traction Avenue told CBS13 she called 911 earlier that night about the same group seen in the video.

We asked Sacramento police for the recording and/or a transcript. We didn’t get either.

“We aren’t going to be releasing the 911 call at this time,” police spokesperson Zachary Eaton said in an email.

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But pledging transparency, the department did provide CBS13 with an outline from Saturday night.

Timeline Of Events (Times are approximate within minutes):

  • 8:15 PM — SPD Dispatch receives a single call from the area where the video in question is suspected to have been recorded. The female caller states that there is a disturbance involving what she initially describes as a gang fight involving “10 black guys”. The caller does not elaborate on the gang or fight portion and describes a disturbance involving individuals who may be about to get into an altercation with another person. No clothing, gender, size or other specific identifiable information was provided. The caller did not articulate a crime in progress, elaborate on the mention of gang activity, nor was there any mention of firearms.
  • Between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM, multiple priority calls were dispatched in the same area, including weapons calls and a vehicle collision.
  • At 9:08 PM, SPD Dispatch receives a call of 2 at-risk missing children aged 8 and 10.
    Resources are redirected as officers canvass North Sacramento in an attempt to locate the missing children.
  • At approximately 9:45 PM, officers in the area of the aforementioned video searching for the missing children. The officers drive by the group in the video, who at that time is not committing any apparent criminal violations, and ask if they have seen the missing children. The group indicates that they have not seen the missing children and the patrol officer continues searching.
  • 10:10 PM — officers return to the call detailed in item #1 above and determine that the parties described in the call are no longer in the area.

The Department Identified These Key Points

  • SPD received a single 911 call in that area regarding a group of individuals. The details of that single call are listed in item #1 above
  • In that call, no information was provided to conclusively indicate that the group in question was the same group observed in the social media videos
  • The missing children were eventually located safe and returned to their guardian