By Laura Haefeli

BOREAL MOUNTAIN (CBS13) – Sierra resorts wrapped up the winter season with one final weekend that welcomed snow!

“Old man winter was asleep for a little while and he came back for closing weekend here at boreal,” says Boreal Mountain Spokesperson, Tucker Norred.

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Boreal Mountain was hit by a storm that brought avid skiers from all over.

“We’ve been watching the weather all week and it turned out to be the day,” says Gordan Shettle, who drove up with his family to Boreal Mountain from San Francisco to take their final laps of the season.

“Kids had fun we got some powder so we’re very happy,” says Shettle.

“I liked going through the powder because you can make really nice tracks. and I’m also really tired,” says his son Sylvan who was shocked to see snow in spring.

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“I don’t understand since it’s spring and there’s a lot of snow today,” says Sylvan.

After a dry winter, Boreal says April has been their snowiest month.

“We have seen more snow in the month of April than January February and March combined,” says Norred, who welcomed last-minute guests, grateful they are supporting the resort after a rough couple of seasons.

“I want to support them for sure I doubled down and got a season pass,” says Shettle.

“I love snowboarding I hope these places stay open if that means me coming snowboarding I’m happy to do that,” says Snowboarder, Luke Baird.

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Nearby palisades Tahoe is also celebrating one of its final winter weekends with more than a foot of snow and plenty of skiing events on Easter.