SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A red flag warning has been issued Monday, putting not only the community on alert but firefighting resources as well. Ground crews and airplanes are prepping for the hot day ahead.

Wildland fires are already burning hot and fast enough to evacuate Californians.

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“We were a bit scared,” says one Vacaville homeowner.

This weekend the Quail fire burned through parts of Vacaville, threatening some who lost their homes two years ago in the LNU fire.

“It can happen to any of us.” That’s a reality, firefighting agencies are prepared to face.

“We have been gearing up early with our firefighter hires,” says Cal Fire spokesperson Diana Swart. Stations are staffed and ready sooner than ever.

“The fact that we have more firefighters…than can go out,” says Swart.

While it’s too early in the season to pre-position crews, there are only limited fires burning in northern California, allowing the agency to dedicate significant resources to the areas in need.

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“Having the resources available and having the aircraft available is just huge for us,” says Swart.

Though a windy week ahead is going to put those resources to the test, the game plan is to get ahead of the flames.

“You have a strong strong wind the embers will still blow far in front of the fire. Our firefighters are trained for just that…,” says Swart, who explains crews will set up wide perimeters around fires to monitor potential burning embers that may escape because of strong winds.

“The idea is to put that fire out as soon as possible,” says Swart.

Cal Fire is relying on their team and the community to help do just that.

“Be extra vigilant and try your best to keep from sparking a fire…Firefighter might not see their family for up to a month at a time,” says Swart.

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Cal Fire tells CBS13 that their goal is to attack fires fast in order to free up resources for any potential new burns. A Red Flag warning has been issued from Monday at 11 a.m. to Tuesday at 8 p.m. for the Sacramento Valley and foothills. This means no burning of any kind.