By Adrienne Moore

DAVIS (CBS13) — A Davis business was hit by thieves who had champagne taste and a green thumb.

Police say two men targeted a pricey plant at The Growing Groves plant shop over the weekend.

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Owners Larry Groves and Ricky Barosa are leaning on humor after the high-priced heist at their Davis store.

“I think honestly, laughing through the tears is what’s really getting us through it,” Groves said.

The Growing Groves opened just seven weeks ago, but early Saturday morning, a pair of thieves busted through their front window.

“It was a smash, grab and go,” Groves said.

Security cameras captured a thief bolting across the property with a massive potted plant.

“They just don’t have an idea of how much damage, how much unseen damage, they caused,” Groves said. “Scary to just be violated, like so quickly,”

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But the plant is no garden variety shrub. It’s a Monstera Thai Constellation worth $2,000. Barosa said it was the centerpiece of the store and had a lot of sentimental value.

“This was a plant that I got for him as kind of like a surprise, like ‘Oh my God, we’re opening up this store,’ ” Barosa said.

The owners believe the thieves wanted to make some quick cash by selling it online, but they fear it may not survive the shock of being swiped.

“The marketplace for plants is so crazy because someone could take this plant that we had, chop it up into pieces and people would still purchase those pieces to grow and hopefully get a plant of their own,” Barosa said.

While police continue to investigate, the men are focused on stepping up security and growing from the experience.

“We are really strong, we are here to stay,” Groves said. “We are not going to let some silly robbery knock us down and take us out completely.”

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The owners are still waiting on an official damage estimate from their insurance company, but they believe it will likely be several thousand dollars.

Adrienne Moore