By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California lawmakers on Tuesday debated and advanced a pair of bills aimed at preventing gun violence.

“They are so courageous and brave getting up there to give testimony and support,” Krystal Lopilato said.

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Lopilato represents Moms Demand Action, which is a nonprofit pushing for legislation that would prevent gun violence and improve gun safety. The group was in attendance at the Capitol to push for the legislation to be passed.

“They are critically urgent right now as we’ve seen both gun sales and violence spiking throughout our state,” she said.

On Tuesday, lawmakers learned more about AB2571, which would prohibit advertising firearms in a way that appeals to minors, and AB1594, which would allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

Then there is SB1327 which targets those who violate the state’s assault weapon and ghost gun laws.

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“That’s a really innovative bill that actually creates a private civil lawsuit enforcement scheme, so it still allows prosecutors to prosecute criminal charges but it would create civil liability,” Lopalito said.

Lawmakers in the Assembly and Senate advanced both AB2571 and SB1327, the Governor’s Press Office announced late Tuesday afternoon.

Newsom said in a statement:

“California has led the nation in reforming our laws to protect communities from gun violence. This year is no different as we take decisive action to fast-track vital gun safety policies, even as recent federal court decisions threaten to make it more difficult to protect Californians from gun violence. Since the 1990s, our laws have prevented countless shootings and saved hundreds of lives. California isn’t waiting for Congress to act to protect our kids from needless gun violence.”

All three aforementioned bills were part of a package proposed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom in February. Lopilato said Moms Demand Action understands it could face challenges, including questions about enforcement, but says the comprehensive slate of gun violence prevention bills is a start.

“We can start attacking many of the causes, many of the ways guns get in the hands of criminals and many of the ways we see gun violence occurring all over the state,” she said.

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Another proposed bill, SB993, would bring reform to the victim’s compensation board to allow more survivors access to resources. Many of these bills will go through the appropriations committee where they could be amended before a final vote of the full legislature.