By CBS13 Staff

SACRAMENTO — Just in time for the summer solstice on Tuesday, temperatures in the Central Valley are expected to return to the triple digits — and the heat will last through the first week of astrological summer.

Meteorologist Tracey Humphrey says that while Monday’s high will only be in the low 90s in Sacramento, temperatures will soar above 100 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of the week looks to hold temperatures in the high 90s.

“We’ve had hot temperatures [this season], but they go up and they go down,” Humphrey said. “We have not seen a seven-day forecast like this.”

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Forecasters with the National Weather Service station in Sacramento say that Wednesday will be the hottest day of the week, noting that temperatures in the Central Valley could hit 105 degrees.

With such high temperatures comes an increased risk of heat-related illness. People are encouraged to drink plenty of water, spend time in air-conditioned spaces, and check in on relatives and loved ones who might be sensitive to the heat.

Local weather officials also say that low humidity and breezy conditions Monday night and Tuesday afternoon will create elevated fire concerns in the Central Valley and the foothills. Residents are urged to avoid using any outdoor tool or piece of equipment that could cause a spark.

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