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Experts: Switching From Contacts To Glasses Could Help Slow Coronavirus SpreadFocus on this, contact lens wearers of the world: To reduce the spread of the pandemic virus that causes Covid-19, experts suggest it's time to put your contact lenses on the shelf and dazzle the world with your frames.
How To Strengthen Your Immunity During The Coronavirus PandemicAs the coronavirus situation intensifies, you might be wondering: How can I keep myself healthy?
Coronavirus Symptoms: A List And When To Seek HelpWhat are the telling signs that you may have the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19?
Doctors Say Loss Of Sense Of Smell Might Be Coronavirus SymptomDoctors in the United States on Sunday called for the loss of sense of smell and taste to be added to the "list of screening tools" for COVID-19.
Daily Meditation Could Slow Aging In Your Brain, Study SaysTaking up meditation while sheltering-in-place may not only help you cope with the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, it may even keep your brain from aging.
Coronavirus Outbreak Causes Marijuana Home Delivery To SurgeOne company rushed to expand its delivery fleet. Another has seen sales triple. The global coronavirus pandemic has left millions of people locked out of bars, restaurants and theaters, but it’s been an unexpected boost for some U.S. pot shops.
Coronavirus Isolation: Nickelodeon Launches New Content To Help Kids Fight BoredomNickelodeon has launched a site filled with (free) tips, ideas, and video content to keep kids busy at home during the coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus Protection: Oregon Distillery Making Hand Sanitizer With In-house Alcohol, Giving It Out For FreeHand sanitizer is a hot commodity right now. We all know the advice: Wash your hands often with soap and water to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. When you can't, use hand sanitizer.
Coronavirus In California: Dental Offices Urged To Close For 14 Days To Delay Spread Of DiseaseKids dreading an upcoming trip to the dentist's chair can breathe a sigh of relief after dental offices up and down the state have closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 
10 Commandments For Better Sleep On World Sleep DayAir, water, food – and some would argue sex – are key ingredients to human survival. In reality, there should be another "s" word in that list: sleep. Sleep experts from the World Sleep Society have created these ten commandments of sleep hygiene for weary adults.
Sleep Anxiety And Daylight Saving Time Can Exacerbate Insomnia, But Stretching May HelpAnxiety and insomnia are two related issues that can cause their sufferers to worry over the possibility of another sleepless night, wondering if they'll ever again get a wink of sleep that will help them function the next day.
Alcoholics Anonymous May Be The Most Effective Path To Abstinence, Study SaysAlcoholics Anonymous, a worldwide support fellowship with a goal to achieve sobriety, may be the most effective path to abstinence for people struggling with alcohol use disorder, a new study says.