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Not Just Soda: Drinking Too Much Fruit Juice (Or Any Sugary Drink) Linked To Premature Death RiskA new study links drinking too many sugary beverages -- and even 100% natural fruit juices -- to an increased risk of early death.
1 In 7 Babies Is Born Underweight, With Dire Consequences For Their Health, Global Study SaysOver 20 million babies around the world — about 1 out of every 7 — were born underweight in 2015, a slight improvement over rates in 2000 but not enough to meet goals and prevent global health consequences, according to a new study.
Obesity Surgery Benefits May Be Bigger For Teens Than AdultsA study finds that teens who have obesity surgery lose as much weight as adults who have the operation and are more likely to have other health problems go away.
FDA Recalls Tattoo Inks Contaminated With BacteriaSeveral tattoo inks have been recalled after they were found to be contaminated with bacteria, the Food and Drug Administration has announced.
Bedbugs Hung Out With Dinosaurs But Didn't Bite Them, Study FindsBedbugs roamed the earth with dinosaurs but the tiny blood-sucking pests likely didn't bother T. rexes and their kin, scientists say.
Majority Of Sunscreens Would Flunk Proposed FDA Safety Tests, Report To SayNearly two-thirds of all sunscreens evaluated by the Environmental Working Group would not pass safety tests proposed by the US Food and Drug Administration.
Eat Well, Exercise More: New Global Guidelines To Reduce Risk Of DementiaThere's no effective treatment for dementia, which affects 50 million people worldwide, but the World Health Organization says there's much can be done to delay or slow the onset and progression of the disease.
Low-Dose Aspirin Linked To Bleeding In The Skull, New Report SaysAn aspirin is typically defined as low-dose if it is between 75 and 100 milligrams, but most over-the-counter pills are around 81 milligrams.
Report: Hepatitis A Infections Increased By Nearly 300% Over 2 YearsHepatitis A, a vaccine-preventable illness, like measles, has made a resurgence among adults in the United States who are at risk for the infection, according to a new report.
Does Chewing Gum Help You Lose Weight?Should you chew gum if you're trying to lose weight? Possibly, though you certainly don't have to start a gum habit if you don't already chew gum.
Study: Men Engage In Just As Much ‘Tear-Down’ Gossip As WomenA new study finds men engage in just as much negative gossip as women.
Arsenic In Drinking Water Damages Hearts Of Young Adults, Study SaysYoung adults free of diabetes and cardiovascular disease developed heart damage after only five years of exposure to low-to-moderate levels of arsenic commonly found in groundwater.