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Broken Heart Syndrome And Cancer Are Connected, Scientists SayWhat could cancer have in common with broken heart? These researchers are working to find out.
Women With Paying Jobs See Slower Memory Loss Later In Life, Study SaysHaving a paying job might shield women from memory loss decades later, according to a new study.
Your Lifestyle Can Lower Your Dementia Risk, Even If You Have High Genetic Risk, Study SaysA good diet and ample exercise don't just help your waistline. Healthy lifestyle factors may also help lower your risk of dementia, even if you have a higher genetic risk, according to a study published Sunday in the medical journal JAMA.
Cutting About 300 Calories A Day Might Benefit Your Heart, Study FindsCutting just 300 calories from your daily diet could significantly benefit your cardiovascular health, even if you're already at a healthy weight, according to a new study.
The Treats You're Feeding Your Dog May Be Making You Or Your Family Sick, CDC SaysCould the treats you're feeding your dog be making you or your family sick? The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says yes.
Scientists: Cockroaches Are Becoming Immune To InsecticidesIf it's not the heat death of the Earth that consumes us; if we are not snuffed out by blight, famine and the volatile hubris of mankind, it's only a matter of time before the cockroaches rise up and conquer us all.
Study: Pear Shaped Women Are Healthier Than Apple Shaped WomenNot all fat is equal -- where it sits on the body matters to your health.
CDC Issues Warning On 'Crypto' Fecal Parasite That Can Live For Days In Swimming PoolsHealth officials are asking Americans to take precautions over reports that "crypto," a fecal parasite that can be transmitted via swimming pools, is on the rise.
What To Drink To Help You SleepWhen winding down you might enjoy sipping a beverage before bedtime, but are there any drinks that could be particularly helpful or harmful for quality sleep?
The Secondhand Harms Of Drinking Impact 1 In 5 Adults, Study SaysAbout one-fifth of adults in the United States have experienced some form of harm due to someone else's behavior while drinking.
Study: Morning People May Have Lower Risk Of Breast CancerSleep traits could be a risk factor for breast cancer, new research suggests.
San Francisco Becomes First US City To Pass Ban On E-Cigarette SalesSan Francisco will become the first US city to effectively ban e-cigarette sales, after the city's board of supervisors voted in favor of an ordinance Tuesday.