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Study: Later Bedtime Linked With Obesity For Children Under 6A new study has linked a later bedtime with an increased risk of obesity for kids -- although the researchers say parents shouldn't rush to put their preschoolers to sleep earlier as a result.
Study: Parents, Grandparents To Blame For Half Of Child PoisoningsMore than half of children under age five poisoned by prescription pills ate them after an adult removed the child-resistant safety packaging.
Study: Women Who Have General Anesthesia During C-Sections More Likely To Experience Postpartum DepressionWomen who have general anesthesia during C-sections are significantly more likely to experience severe postpartum depression resulting in hospitalization, suicidal thoughts or self-harm, according to a study published last week.
Don't Trust Your Memories If You're High On Weed, Study SaysA new study published Monday found people who took just one hit of weed doubled their number of "false memories."
Keeping A Plant On Your Desk Can Reduce Workplace Stress, Study SaysHaving a hard day at work? Stressed out about deadlines or bosses or meetings? It may help to stare a plant, according to researchers from Japan.
Texting More Dangerous For Pedestrians Than Listening To Music, Talking On Phone, Scientists SuggestWe can all agree that walking behind someone who's buried in their phone is annoying.
Study: Eggs May Not Be Unhealthy For The HeartFor years doctors have warned people with high cholesterol not to eat too many eggs, but a new large study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds regular egg consumption may not be that bad for the heart.
Partial E-Cigarette ‘Flavor Ban’ Goes In Effect Today Across United StatesA number of flavored vaping products being taken off the US market starting today.
Study Says Resting Heart Rate VariesWhat is a normal resting heart rate? According to a new study from the Scripps Research Translational Institute, there is huge variability from person to person.
California May Pause Student Fitness Tests Due To BullyingThe governor of California wants to pause physical education tests for students over concerns with bullying and discrimination.
Study: Babies Are Willing To Give Up Food, Showing Altruism Begins In InfancyPicture this: a 19-month-old hungry baby picks up a delicious snack, but instead of gobbling it up gives it to an adult who appears to want it, too.
Scientists Discovered Weed Compound That May Be 30 Times More Powerful Than THCCBD has mostly been the focus of studies on the health benefits of cannabis, but because THCP appears to show stronger binding abilities and potency, the authors think there is potential for health benefits.