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How To Stop Throwing Away Your Veggies And FruitWe all do it: buy fresh fruits and veggies with the best of intentions to gobble them down, only to open the fridge a few days (or weeks) later to discover a rotten mess.
Study: House Plants Aren’t Actually Cleaning The AirYou've probably heard people say that keeping plants in your home or office helps to make the air cleaner, but science says otherwise.
Your Hatred Of Heart-Healthy Veggies Could Be GeneticIf certain vegetables have always made you gag, you may be more than a picky eater. Instead, you might be what scientists call a "super-taster."
Marijuana Use Is Rising Among Young Adults, Especially College Students, Study ShowsMarijuana use among young adults, especially college students, has been steadily increasing, and the numbers are pretty high, according to a new report.
UC Davis Seeking Dogs To Participate In Canine Cancer Vaccine StudyThe UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is looking for healthy dogs for a canine cancer vaccine study.
Study: Escalating Millennial Health Problems Could Spell Trouble For U.S. EconomyThe health of millennials is deteriorating more rapidly than the generation before them and that could have a crippling effect on the economy, according to a report published Wednesday.
Having A Poor Relationship With Your Family Could Make You SickIt appears the quality of your relationships with your extended family -- mom, dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and more --- could make a real difference in your health as you age, maybe even more than your special love.
An Avocado Each Day May Keep Bad Cholesterol At BayA new study from Penn State found an avocado a day can keep your cholesterol at bay.
Only Children Are More Likely To Be Obese, Study SaysOnly children may be at a higher risk for obesity than children who have siblings, according to a new study published Wednesday.
Smokers May Be At Greater Risk Of Depression And Schizophrenia, Study FindsPeople who smoke tobacco may be at a higher risk of developing depression and schizophrenia, according to a new study.
Study: E-Cigarettes Aren't A 'Gateway' To Teen SmokingVaping makes teens more likely to try cigarettes, but doesn't increase the odds that they'll become smokers, according to a new study.
Rates Of ADHD Diagnosis Among U.S. Adults Are On The Rise, Study SuggestsThe study found increasing rates of adults diagnosed with ADHD within the Kaiser Permanente Northern California health system between 2007 and 2016.