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California Health Insurance Rates Increase Slightly For 2021Health insurance premiums for the 1.5 million Californians who purchase coverage through the state marketplace will go up an average of 0.6% next year, officials announced Tuesday.
Vitamin D Doesn't Prevent Depression In Older Adults, Large Study FindsVitamin D is known as the "sunshine vitamin" because your body absorbs the nutrient primarily through exposure to the sun.
Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Red Onions Traced To Central California CompanyFederal health officials say an outbreak of salmonella infecting nearly 400 people in more than 30 states has been linked to red onions, and identified a California company as the likely source.
Botox Could Ease Depression In Addition To Wrinkles, Study FindsBotox is commonly injected to mitigate wrinkles, migraines and muscle spasms, but it may have an ability to treat depression, a new study finds.
The Forgotten Fight Against COVID-19: Are You Protecting Your Phone?In the last few months, COVID-19 has drastically changed our norms. While everyone is social distancing, masking up and wiping down every door knob in a three-mile-radius, what about the germ magnets we all keep glued to our finger tips; our cell phones.
Having A Good Cry Is Good For You, Psychiatrists SayAlthough it's often seen as a sign of weakness, crying can be just what the doctor ordered for sorting through muddied emotions and wading out anew.
Cinnamon Linked To Blood Sugar Control In Prediabetes, Study FindsCinnamon may improve blood sugar control in people with a condition known as prediabetes and may slow the progression to type 2 diabetes, according to a new pilot study of 51 people with elevated blood sugars.
FDA Calls For Removal Of Fruity, Disposable Puff Bar VapesU.S. health officials are cracking down on a brand of fruity disposable e-cigarettes that is popular with teenagers, saying the company never received permission to sell them in the U.S.
Healthy Black Kids Die More Often After Surgery Than White Kids, Study FindsIn comparison to healthy white children, healthy Black children are more likely to suffer complications and deaths after surgery, a new study finds.
Second Federal Medical Team Deployed To San Joaquin County Amid ICU Staffing ShortageSan Joaquin County faces an ICU overcapacity crisis at all of its hospitals, according to the county health officer.
Face Mask Myths Debunked By UC Davis DoctorAs doctors battle a rise in cases of COVID-19 in hospitals, the mask debate continues on our streets and on social media, where misinformation is being spread about the safety of masks.
No Added Sugar For Babies, US Advisory Panel RecommendsThere's a new motto for parents when it comes to feeding babies from birth until 2 years of age: "Every bite counts."