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Prop. 6: Gas Tax Repeal Supporters Say They Don’t Want To Stop Road ProjectsWith two weeks to go until Election Day, the fight to repeal California’s 12-cent gas tax and new annual vehicle fee is in overdrive.
Trump Embraces 'Nationalist' Title At Texas RallyPresident Donald Trump declared himself a "nationalist" during his rally here on Monday night, officially tagging himself with the label that has long defined his populist rhetoric and protectionist policies.
A New App Can Help You Stop Buying Bottled WaterA new startup called Tap has a bold ambition: convince people to stop buying plastic bottles of water.
UC Davis Medical Center Workers Start Three-Day StrikeThousands of patient care tech workers at the UC Davis Medical Center are going on strike starting Tuesday.
Meat-Free Burgers Contain More Salt Than Real Burgers, Survey ShowsMeat-free burgers contain high levels of salt -- exceeding recommended limits, finds a new survey into the salt content of vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat.
21 Years Later, Teen Killer Faces New SentencingIt's been 21 years since Erik Ingebretsen was beaten and stabbed to death by his two best friends.
Cash For Cops: Elk Grove Considers Hiring Bonus For Potential OfficersIt's the latest police tactic, paying more to those who protect and serve.  Other cities are following suit with hiring bonuses. Fairfield currently has a $10,000 hiring bonus, and Modesto offers $15,000. Out in Palo Alto, new officers are handed $25,000.  
Will Midtown Sacramento Tree Fall For Housing Project?The tree at the corner of I and 23rd streets is on the city's private protected list. But that didn't stop the preservation commission from approving its removal.
Smoke Shop Owner Says Flavored Tobacco Ban Would Turn Underage Kids To Online SalesMaddux has owned Broham Smoke Shop for almost 10 years now. Just under half of the products he sells to customers are flavored tobacco products.
Science: Sex And Gender Are Not The SameVariation in gender identity is a normal part of human diversity, the American Academy of Pediatrics, stresses in a new policy that outlines how to provide supportive medical care for transgender youth.
UC Davis Medical Workers Part Of 3-Day Strike Starting TuesdayThe hospitals said they made preparations for the strike, but it still will affect thousands of patients.
Bible Museum Admits At Least 5 Of Its Dead Sea Scrolls Are FakeTechnical analysis by a team of German scholars has revealed that at least five of the museum's 16 scroll fragments are apparent forgeries.