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Do you need help getting answers to a consumer problem? The Call Kurtis Team may be able to assist you.

Before writing us, try to resolve the issue on your own. Explain your complaint to the company, and try to work out a resolution with a supervisor.  If that doesn’t work, send a demand letter by certified mail with your expectations.  Document all interactions you have, listing dates and times of your call, what was discussed, and with whom you spoke.

The Call Kurtis Team helps with consumer problems dealing with services and purchases.  Except in extremely rare cases, we will not investigate business-to-business disputes, family law issues, criminal issues, landlord/tenant disputes, medical insurance or employment problems. The Call Kurtis Team also generally does not investigate cases that are already in litigation or mediation.

We receive a high volume of Automotive complaints involving dealerships and mechanics. Please click on our Car Problem Guide for assistance.

Please note:  By contacting us, you agree to participate in an on-camera news story, and may be interviewed. We receive thousands of calls and e-mails a month, and sometimes can’t get back to each person right away.  Please be patient, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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    I followed all of the above directions and submitted my request and information on 8/19 and have not heard anything back from you. That was about 6 weeks ago. Am I still to wait until I hear?…or have I been “lost” . I am most anxious to have help with my situation with American Home Shield. Hoping to hear soon, Marlene Egerer 209 847-1178

  2. richard says:

    just wanted to let you know there is more to the real ID, if your married you will need to get a Registry of marriage…or if the name on your SS card is different then your license you’ll have to take care of that also, just a few things the DMV does not tell you, then you end up doing more running a round then what it is worth Thanks richard B

    1. Gene Beley says:

      I’m a freelance videographer and public speaker, whose business has gone from great to zero because of the coronavirus pandemic. When I tried to apply for the new government funds through the CA EED unemployment website, there was no separate application for freelancers, although they promised to include us. When I continued to sign up and apply through their regular form, I got as far as inputting $500 for one speech and the computer form rejected me at that point. I would hope some media would try and fill out these forms to see how difficult it is and why less than 50% of the legible population will succeed in getting the money. It’s typical government bureaucracy instead of a simple form. Moreover, it said it will have to check each entity you worked for with all applications. How are they going to do that when these businesses are closed? Moreover, CA recently took a very negative attitude towards freelancers of all kinds in a new law, so I fear this will slop over to us freelancers getting any kind of compensation.

  3. Alan says:

    The idiot that that produced the outgoing messages on the phone numbers: 916-374-1475 and 916-374-1343 speaks so fast that he is barely understandable??? I had to listen to the outgoing message 7 times in order to understand the web-address he mentions???

  4. Ron & Diana McKenna says:

    I am asking for assistance in resolving a problem that a group of neighbors who live on the north side of Maita Circle, 95820, is having with the Sacramento City Unified School District. In April, 2019, The SCUSD relocated their transportation facility to 7050 San Joaquin Street. The south end of the lot backs up to a group of neighbors who live on the north end of Maita Circle.

    Every weekday morning when school is in session, sometimes as early as 5:30 am, neighbors are awaked with the loud, continuous honking and intermittent honking and beeping coming from the 100+ school vehicles that are doing safety checks. The noise level is carried up and over the 10′ monstrosity of a wall they built right next to our backyards. The backyards are small, so the noise is even heard in our homes. These noises continue on an intermitting bases until around 5:30 pm.

    I had a migraine headache last week, and I could not find a quiet place in my house where I could lie down without hearing the horns honking. This wall has even increased the local noises we had before they moved the project. We did not hear the freeway from Highway 50 before they moved next to us, and now it creates a roaring sound in the backyard.

    Residents are also concerned about the carbon monoxide emissions from the vehicles, and the particulates from the diesel buses. The school district refuses to do another noise study. They did one before the project was moved and before the fence was built, but has not done one since.

    We have gone to three board meetings and talked to the members about out concerns. I gave them an 8-page report at the last meeting explaining to them the areas of the Mitigated Declaration Report that we felt were misleading and a misrepresentation to the public. I also provided them articles that are showing how much damage to do to a person’s health: heart disease, strokes, atrial fibrillation, anxiety, tension, and depression.

    Two staff members have been over to our home to listed to the noise. They both agree that it is not acceptable, but there has not been any reduction in the noise level. It is very sad to think that the school district would have so little consideration for a group of residents that they would put in this facility that has such a negative impact on our lives. We are also concerned about the devaluation of our homes. The noise nuisance will have to be declared if and when anyone wants to sell their home.

    Any help that you can give us to help resolve this problem, is greatly appreciated!

  5. Bill Hutto says:

    is this true –
    Gavin Newsom did what we all expected. Instead of fixing our roads, he took the GAS TAX funds away and decided to dump the money on the HIGH SPEED RAIL!

    This BAIT & SWITCH is exactly what Sacramento Democrats promised wouldn’t happen.

  6. Gerry Ryden says:

    I was unable to complete the required info for a complaint because it was a robo call. The REAL problem is that I had no dial tone for at least 10 minutes after hanging the phone up following the robo call. I reported it on the do not call registry. Disabling phone service is something new. My brother had just passed away unexpectedly two days ago and our phone access is very important. Please investigate. Thank you.

  7. mark rinehart says:

    Social Security Number Usage
    Section 7 of the Privacy Act (found at 5 U.S.C. § 552a note (Disclosure of Social Security Number)) provides that:

    “It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or local government agency to deny to any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his social security account number.” Sec. 7(a)(1).

    walmart wont register my card

    i refuse to give ss#

  8. Rita Wilson says:

    I have called the call Curtis line f submitted several forms filled out w/automated reply that they were receive & some one will contact me?!?
    Now it is 2020 & still NO response

  9. martiancadet says:

    Kurtis–I watch the news every day. You have mention the animal shelters on the news, about how the shelters are getting overrun. But you have said nothing about how this issue has affected the Veternary buisnesses. Please do not mention my name

  10. Lorena says:

    After reading all of these comments, not only will I not contact News 10 about my situation, but, I won’t watch their news anymore either. If they aren’t going to deliver what they preach on the news, what else are they telling the public to just to boost their ratings,

    1. Ella says:

      I think you mean CBS 13, not ABC !0, Call Kurtis is on CBS not ABC.

  11. John Murray says:

    Please stop showing that ugly red coronavirus on your website. It is scaring me and my grandchildren. Is it really necessary or are you just trying to sell advertisements?

  12. Guadalupe Del Toro says:

    Hi Kurtis, I want inform you that many auto insurance companies are helping theirs customers with rebates and cuts for insurance premiums in response to the Covid -19 shelter in place this has dramatically put a lot of people off the roads in California meaning less driving and less accidents But some of the biggest auto insures are doing nothing with California’s mass lay offs this helps needs to come sooner. For example Northern California AAA auto insurances has not budged with any cuts no response to California’s crisis. I called AAA 4/9/2020 spoke to a costumers service agent Katrina and ask if anything will be done but nothing will be done for our people. Please, this is a huge deal for a lot of people in need, please help.

    Thank you,

    Guadalupe Del Toro

  13. I think that it is sad to see some billion dollar companies that still take money from small companies during this pandemic.

    Hi, I have a one person consulting company that helps people identify if they might be exposed to lead-based paint.
    Unfortunately, it is considered a non-essential business in these trying times.
    Yet, my advertiser, Yelp Business, extracted $370 from me while I cannot take on any business.
    Their reply was basically too bad. We only give refunds if our staff, during the CoVid crisis, caused you to be charged because they could not respond.

    I see insurance companies, banks, etc, offering a helping hand. Yelp Business needs to be “reviewed” for their business practice.

    Please contact me for more details.

    Jeff Van Slooten

  14. j. coulter says:

    during this virus I understand not using our shopping bags but if we have to use savemarts why do they still charge for bags I fill it’s not right.

  15. William Jessip says:

    Can someone find out what is going on at the Employment Development Department? I have been trying to contact someone there to find out about my claim, Fix a problem on my registration page so I can use the UI service. NO ONE is able to help at the (833)978-2511. I have made over 2000 calls to the (800)300-5616 number and you get in but then you get a message saying the system is down. I would go to the EDD office but you can’t get in due to the Covid-19. I’m at wits end. My bills are due. I have never claimed or ask for states assistance my whole life. Its very flustrating

  16. Lester Bennett says:

    Why are stores unable to keep milk on the shelf while dairy farmers are dumping milk? Doesn’t make sense?!

  17. Marianne Mueggenburg says:

    Did anyone check those portopotties at the demonstration at the Capitol today for Coronavirus 19?

  18. Marvin Bailey says:

    With the state going into Phase 2 of reopening, my question is why not camping. Camping is more socially isolated that going to Lowes, Home Depot, or even supermarket and/or Walmart. If they are so afraid of the restrooms, not a problem. 95% of all campers have and use fully self contained trailers. So there would be no need to use restrooms. Why is camping maybe in Phase 3. I have tried to get and answer and the only person was a representative of the Health officer who said…. I Don’t Know. And with a holiday weekend the campgrounds could start making money again. The same with beaches, southern California open, but in northern California, you can even walk on them.

  19. Victor A Fisher says:

    Anyone else having troubles with the virtual DMV? I’ve been trying to process a title transfer. When I mailed in my title, I got notice that they received the files. Now, I’m receiving follow-up notices saying that I need to mail in my originals. This has been going on for over a month; there’s no phone number to call and no name on the other end of the email, just “SEND IN YOUR ORIGINALS.” I paid the title transfer fee, and I’m stuck with a vehicle with out of date tags, so I can’t even drive it.

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