Do you need help getting answers to a consumer problem? The Call Kurtis Team may be able to assist you.

Before writing us, try to resolve the issue on your own. Explain your complaint to the company, and try to work out a resolution with a supervisor.  If that doesn’t work, send a demand letter by certified mail with your expectations.  Document all interactions you have, listing dates and times of your call, what was discussed, and with whom you spoke.

The Call Kurtis Team helps with consumer problems dealing with services and purchases.  Except in extremely rare cases, we will not investigate business-to-business disputes, family law issues, criminal issues, landlord/tenant disputes, medical insurance or employment problems. The Call Kurtis Team also generally does not investigate cases that are already in litigation or mediation.

We receive a high volume of Automotive complaints involving dealerships and mechanics. Please click on our Car Problem Guide for assistance.

Please note:  By contacting us, you agree to participate in an on-camera news story, and may be interviewed. We receive thousands of calls and e-mails a month, and sometimes can’t get back to each person right away.  Please be patient, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

If you’ve read and agree to these conditions, click HERE.


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