By Linda Bottjer

Tack Warehouse Saddle Shop
917 Main St
Woodland, Ca 95695
(530) 661-0222
Hours: Monday – Friday 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.; Saturday – Sunday 10:30 a.m. – 5:00
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Photo Credit: Brenda Cedarblade

If you are looking for anything related to saddles and tack, and it cannot be found at the Tack Warehouse Saddle Shop, then chances are the item just does not exist! (Tack applies to all the equipment and accessories worn by horses, if you weren’t in the know).

Located in the middle of downtown Woodland the store, formerly known as Brenda’s Tack Warehouse, is the largest of its kind in Northern California. Upon entering the store shoppers’ eyes dance across the walls from floor to ceiling where thousands of items are hung.

Over 14,000 square feet of saddles and stirrups, bridles, halters to martingales and reins, bits and harnesses for both English and Western styles of riding represent the hundreds of vendors that owners Brenda Cedarblade and Ted Wilson deem as the best in the business. Among the vendors found here are Roper, Baily, 5 Star Pads, Prestige and Big Horn, Effingham and Tex tan.

Aside from buying gear for their horses, riders can also find clothing for themselves. Those who ride Western style and participate in horse shows can stock up on shirts, show chaps and crystal bling bling
belts. Riding breeches, helmets and whips are requisite attire to those who focus on English style riding and dressage. Horse War of Ireland offers matching horse and rider accessories including waterproof
riding jackets and matching plush Newmarket fleece padded halters.

Photo Credit: Brenda Cedarblade

Even the family dog can get decked out in style with a blanket that matches the horses. Speaking of the
dogs, all working ranch dogs can be groomed professionally while their owners shop around.

With its close proximity to UC/Davis the store sees many foreigners who are either own horses in places like Japan, Germany or Russia or are simply in search of the American cowboy look. The store also has a large home décor department full of western furniture and rugs with accessories ranging from shower curtains to clocks and framed photographs by famed photographers like David Stocklin and Chris Cox.

Twenty years ago Brenda began the business literally out of her car and slowly expanded it. Cedarblade and Wilson live on the nearby historic Nelson Ranch. It was established in 1868 as a cattle ranch and is on the National Register. To her, a life-long horse enthusiast, sharing her passion and that of her staff’s with everyone who walks in the shop is the key to success.

Whether you are buying for a child or an adult new to the sport or someone with decades of experience personal attention is a hallmark at the Tack Warehouse. Cederblade’s commitment goes far. Nothing is sold over the store’s website. This practice ensures the proper tack will be purchased after time is first spent learning the client’s needs.

If “tacking up” is in your future, so is a ride to Woodland.

Linda J. Bottjer is a full-time writer working in Sacramento. Follow her at
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  1. Brenda Cedarblade says:

    Thank you for the great article Linda – Hope to have you out to the ranch sometime. Brenda

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  3. Kitty Ruhstaller says:

    I know the shop and you are right – it is amazing!

  4. Brenda Cedarblade says:

    Sara – we shop online and catalogs and price our tack below these. We guarantee our prices. Let us know if there is an item we can help you with. Tack Warehouse makes every effort to have not only the best selection but also best prices/

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