By Charlotte King

My favorite make-up Counters are usually all at Nordstrom – all department store make-up tends to cost the same despite where you go to get it, and at Nordstrom I usually always find the best service, product knowledge, cleanliness of counters, and overall experience. All of these counters are usually more than willing to give free makeovers, provide full consultations and help with all your cosmetology needs. Here are some of favorite counters at our Sacramento Nordstrom are:

M.A.C. cosmetics


I’ve always been a big fan of MAC for their outstanding color lines. Unlike many of the other cosmetic lines, MAC is always coming up with advanced techniques, accents, accessories, and dramatic looks. Unlike others this line of cosmetics isn’t for the wilting flower, but for the Diva in us all. From advise on technique to colors this is my first choice for everything from theater looks to a night on the town. Check the Department store website you enjoy the most to see when M.A.C hosts their annual make-over/shopping event.

Credit: Lancome


For cool clean classic looks Lancome has always been my first choice, where others excel in many ways Lancome cannot be beat for their eyeliners, and mascaras. Constantly being copied by their competitors Lancome was the first to market with a liquid art liner with a felt applicator for crisp application in a
variety of beautiful pigments. Where lashes are the big deal to everyone these days Lancome started with the “growth” serums in their mascaras. Check out their deals this month for their Gift with purchase.

Photo Credit: Clinique


It’s not always about the color, usually (unless you un-naturally gifted) you require a beautiful foundation before any (color) make-up can be added, this is where Clinique excels. Their cosmetologists
work with dermatologists to create a great skin-care line that is also reflected in their foundations, and powders. Using this knowledge they’ve been able to create specialty lines for skin problems like acne, rosacea, and any other skin imperfections. Also the creators of the super popular scent Happy, they can
be skin-care one stop shopping.

Photo Credit: Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder
Looking for a high-end bronzer with beautiful pigments or wonderful color collections? Look no further
than the creator of most of the collections on the cosmetics floor. Estee Lauder has been the leader in women’s high-end make-up for almost 100 years, from there color collections to their scents, foundations to gifts with purchase this is a not to miss counter – they usually have the best gifts with purchase or purchase with purchase on the floor – including really nice bags, with samples of their great cosmetics.

Photo Credit: Chanel


For me, Chanel is all about the pigments. Color is where they excel, I don’t know how or why, but they have the most majestic color collections, from cobalt blues to iridescent greens, fashion forward golds, and metallic – and the color quality works throughout the entire line from shadows, to cheeks, nails to liners.

Lastly my true passion outside color in the cosmetics department is the Perfume Counter (right next to the make-up counter) – have expert “nosiers” to help you find your perfect scent; and every girl deserves
to have a wonderful scent that expresses their personality, so finding someone that can help you with this is paramount. Check this counter out, and you won’t be sorry.

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Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 646-2400
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Charlotte King is an aspiring food photographer, and freelance food & wine writer in midtown Sacramento. Find out more about her adventures at Food and Wine Diva.