Air Quality In Sacramento Returns To Good For NowSacramento's Air Quality is considered "Good" for the first time since the Camp Fire began two weeks ago; however, Sacramento Region Spare the Air warns that the extended AQI (Air Quality Index) could return to "Moderate" again by this weekend.
Trying To Detox From The Smoke? Experts Say Get Out Of Town And Stay HydratedThe best way to detox from this choking smoke? Officials say it's best to get away from the smoke altogether. 
Will The Smoke Affect Your Crops When It Rains?With the impending rain mixing with the smoke and falling into the soil, CBS13 wanted to find out what it means for gardens and crops.
List: Many Colleges Across Region Closed Through Thanksgiving Break Due To Smoky AirA change in weather is expected later this week, but for now smoky air is still expected across the region. 
Smoke Sparks False Fire Alarms Across SacramentoFirefighters are responding to an unprecedented number of false alarm calls which are putting a strain on the system.
Unhealthy Air Quality Impacting Downtown Sacramento BusinessesFriday night the air quality index dropped from hazardous to very unhealthy, which means many are warned to stay indoors. Bad for business.
Should You Wear A Mask In This Smoky Air?There's a debate about whether you should wear N95 masks in this smoky air.
Ski Resorts: 'We're Ready' For People Escaping The SmokeWith a thick blanket of smoke still suffocating the valley, people are headed up to the Sierra this weekend to escape.
Air Quality In Sacramento Reaches 'Hazardous' LevelsSmoke from the Camp Fire continues to pose a health threat in the Sacramento area. As of 12 p.m. Friday, the air quality reading, or Air Quality Index (AQI) reading in downtown Sacramento, specifically along T Street, was 337, or "hazardous."
Full List: Smoky Air Prompts Several Colleges And School Districts To CloseMany local school districts and college campuses have closed because of the air quality. 
Officials Warn Generic Masks Can Do More Harm Than Good In Protecting LungsWhile Sacramento Health County officials urge people to stay away from generic masks, If you are near the fire, the mask may be necessary.