Revenge-Porn Website Operator Convicted In San DiegoIt's believed to be the first conviction of an operator of a revenge-porn website since a California law was enacted in October 2013.
Reuters Social Media Editor Accused Of Helping 'Anonymous' Hacker Group Says He Was FiredA Reuters deputy social media editor accused of conspiring with hackers to deface a Los Angeles Times story said Monday he was fired.
Reuters Editor Denies Giving Anonymous Tribune Co. LoginA Reuters social media editor accused of conspiring with hackers to deface a Los Angeles Times story has posted a statement on Facebook saying he did not commit the crimes he's accused of.
Reuters Editor's Lawyer: Prank Doesn't Merit PrisonA lawyer for a Reuters editor accused of helping hackers deface a Los Angeles Times story said Friday that the journalist didn't commit the crime, but even if he did, it was an Internet prank that shouldn't send anyone to prison for 25 years.
Former KTXL Web Producer Allegedly Helped Anonymous Hack L.A. Times WebsiteA former web producer at KTXL, a Tribune Company-owned TV station in Sacramento has been charged with allegedly conspiring with hacker group Anonymous to get access into and alter a Tribune Company website, the Department of Justice said Thursday.
Hacker Group Draws Scrutiny From FedsThe computer hackers, chat room denizens and young people who comprise the loosely affiliated Internet collective have increasingly turned to questionable tactics, drawing the attention of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal investigators.
Anonymous Hacks BART Website, Steals Data The online group Anonymous, which has taken credit for hacking several websites, has infiltrated the Bay Area Rapid Transit website, and data for hundreds of users was stolen and posted to the Internet, although threats of a complete shutdown have not come to fruition.