Battling Bees: Thousands Rounded Up In Fair Oaks NeighborhoodThousands of bees took over a Fair Oaks neighborhood and needed to be rounded up.
Man Suspected Of Stealing $200K Worth Of Beehives Across 5 States, Including CaliforniaA man who stole dozens of beehives across the West has been arrested in Washington state.
Semi-Truck Carrying 40K Pounds Of Bees From California To North Dakota CrashesSwarms of bees saw their chance for escape when a semi-truck carrying them crashed on Monday.
Warm Weather Brings Swarms Of Bees To Businesses, Homes Honey Bees are swarming the Sacramento region making temporary hives in homes businesses and even cars.
Bee Careful: Accident Spills More Than A Dozen Boxes Of Bees Onto Tracy StreetResidents are being advised to “bee careful” after a messy crash in Tracy Monday morning.
Protecting Pollinators: Program Works To Register Money-Making BeehivesIt's almond blossom time, and that means bees are getting busy. It's also when thieves strike, stealing hives right out of the orchards.
California Woman Cleaning Home Stung Hundreds Of Times By BeesA Southern California woman who was stung hundreds of times by bees is expected to survive.
Truck Carrying 30 Million Bees Overturns On HighwayA semi-trailer truck carrying a reported 15-30 million honeybees overturned on an East Texas highway on Memorial Day.
NASA Plans To Put Robot Bees On MarsThe space agency says it is working on creating a swarm of robot bees that will fly around the surface of Mars.
Vandals Topple Beehives, Douse Them With Diesel, Kill 200,000 BeesA California man says vandals toppled 100 beehives and killed hundreds of thousands of bees after dousing them with diesel fuel.
Millions Of Bees Killed After Truck Carrying Hives Crashes On FreewayThe Auburn Fire Department was forced to drown out the bees after a semi truck hauling honeybees crashed after avoiding a slow down on Interstate 80.