Paying For Ballot Signatures May Soon Be Against The LawPaying signature-gatherers for state or local initiatives, referendums, or recall petitions may become a misdemeanor in California.
Push For Whistleblower Laws At California Capitol Has New LifeEvery year since 2014, the state Senate has rejected a new law that would protect employees who report unethical, immoral, or inappropriate behavior.
FROM THE ARCHIVE: Truck Intentionally Strikes California Capitol, Bursts Into FlamesOn Jan. 16, 2001, Mike Bowers, 37, drove an 18-wheeler into the south side of the Capitol. A CBS13 news crew happened to be working on a story nearby when the crash happened and filed a report.
Ask A Sacramento Expert: 5 Best Nutella RecipesSacramento native Cynthia Broughton uses fresh, all-natural and locally sourced ingredients for Cornflower Creamery’s mouthwatering ice creams. Broughton is a big fan of Nutella, a rich Italian cocoa spread, saying it her “go-to because of the great hazelnut flavor”.
Hundreds Of Law Enforcement Officers Gather To Honor Fallen ColleaguesHundreds of law enforcement officers from the across California are arriving at the state capitol today to remember fallen colleagues. It's an annual event that brings the law enforcement community together.
Teachers Arrested In Protests In Calif. Capitol More than two dozen California teachers, including the president of the state's largest teachers union, have been arrested at the state Capitol as part of a protest over education funding in the state budget.
Group Gathers At Calif. Capitol After News Of Bin Laden’s DeathA group of Sacramento residents gathered at the California Capitol late Sunday night after the news that 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden died in a firefight with American troops in Pakistan.
California Assembly Officials To Carry Guns Full-TimeThe recent shooting of an Arizona congresswoman and threats against California lawmakers have prompted a change in the state Assembly, where the officials who guard lawmakers will begin carrying handguns full-time.