California Legislature Postpones Return To Capitol As Coronavirus Cases SurgeCalifornia lawmakers have delayed their return to the state Capitol because of the coronavirus.
Police Unions Help Defeat California Bill On Removing Problem CopsPolice unions and other law enforcement organizations went into overdrive to thwart a measure that would have added California to the majority of states that can end the careers of officers with troubled histories.
California Lawmakers OK More Exemptions From Labor LawCalifornia lawmakers on Monday OK'd exemptions to about two-dozen more professions from a landmark labor law designed to treat more people like employees instead of contractors.
California Considers Permanently Stripping Badges From 'Bad Officers'Supporters of legislation allowing “bad officers” to be permanently stripped of their badges were twisting arms and calling out reluctant lawmakers on Monday as they struggled for votes on one of the year's top policing reform bills.
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Grilled Over Failures In Legislative HearingThe Employment Development Department was in the hot seat Thursday as lawmaker’s grilled agency leaders about their unemployment failures amid the pandemic.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Are Politicians 'Playing Politics' To Keep State Auditor Out Of The EDD?As millions wait months for missing unemployment checks from the Employment Development Department, some Sacramento politicians are being accused of “playing politics” to keep the Independent State Auditor out of the EDD.
California Lawmakers Advance 3 Bills Spurred By CoronavirusCalifornia lawmakers on Wednesday advanced several bills spurred by the coronavirus, including one designed to aid food sector employees and another to stockpile personal protective equipment so the state isn't caught short again.
California Lawmakers Propose $100 Billion Stimulus PlanDemocrats who control California's Legislature on Monday proposed a $100 billion economic stimulus plan that relies on what they are calling “future tax vouchers” along with speeding up other spending during the coronavirus pandemic.
California Will Let Absent Lawmakers Vote During OutbreakCalifornia's legislative leaders said Thursday they will let absent lawmakers vote on bills during the final month of the legislative session after at least seven people who work in the state Capitol became infected with the coronavirus, including one assemblyman who had to be hospitalized.
California Legislative Leaders Back State 'Sleeper Hold' BanCalifornia's Assembly speaker and other key lawmakers on Monday backed making it illegal statewide for police to use a type of neck hold that blocks the flow of blood to the brain, a proposal that appears to go beyond any other state.
California Politicians Won't Get 1st Pay Raise in YearsCalifornia state lawmakers and other top elected officials won't be getting a pay increase for the first time in five years as the state faces a major budget deficit and mass unemployment induced by the coronavirus.