California Lawmakers Agree to Close $54.3 Billion Budget GapCalifornia's Democratic legislative leaders have agreed on a budget they say covers the state's estimated $54.3 billion deficit while avoiding most of Gov. Gavin Newsom's proposed budget cuts to public education and health care services.
California Rent Control Bill, AB 1482, Still Sitting On Governor's DeskAfter both houses of the California State Legislature passed a statewide rent control bill last week, it still awaits Governor Newsom's signature. 
California Advances Crackdown On Bogus Vaccine ExemptionsCalifornia's state Assembly approved legislation Tuesday designed to crack down on doctors who sell fraudulent medical exemptions for vaccinations.
Gov. Gavin Newsom, California State Lawmakers Get 4% Salary RaiseA state commission voted Friday to increase Gov. Gavin Newsom's salary from $202,000 to around $210,000 in December.
California Could Join Utah As Only States To Lower Legal Blood Alcohol Level To .05California could soon have some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country if two bills being introduced in the state legislature this week pass.
California Lawmaker Arrested On Child Cruelty SuspicionCalifornia state lawmaker Joaquin Arambula was arrested Monday on suspicion of misdemeanor child cruelty, Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer said.
California Known For Sunshine, But Not In LegislatureCalifornia law appears clear: Access to information on how the Legislature conducts its business is a "necessary right of every person in this state." But decades after those words were written at the height of the Watergate era, the Assembly and Senate remain, in many ways, dark corners within government.
Smartphones Must Include 'Kill Switch' Under Bill Legislation requiring manufacturers to install shut-off functions in smartphones as a way to deter thefts is on the verge of passing the Legislature.
State Senators To Receive Refresher On Ethics State senators were scheduled to receive a refresher course in ethics on Wednesday, the fallout from a series of legal cases involving Democratic lawmakers this year.