California Supreme Court Overturns Killer's Death SentenceThe California Supreme Court has overturned the death sentence of a convicted double-murderer because the prosecutor focused on the defendant's racist beliefs during closing arguments in the trial's penalty phase.
'Kill Zone' Prosecutions Limited By California Supreme CourtThe California Supreme Court has limited so-called "kill zone" prosecutions, where defendants are charged with the attempted murder of people near a crime scene -- regardless of whether those people were injured.
California Supreme Court Justice Blasts Death Penalty System"In these respects, Proposition 66 promised more than the system can deliver."
Governor Brown Swears In Fourth Justice To California Supreme Court California Gov. Jerry Brown has sworn in former top adviser Joshua Groban to the state Supreme Court.
California High Court Blocks Pardon Of Man Who Robbed, Killed Woman At 14 In a rare step, the California Supreme Court has blocked Gov. Jerry Brown's attempt to issue a pardon to a 37-year-old Cambodian refugee facing deportation for killing and robbing a woman when he was 14 years old.
Gov. Brown Picks Top Aide For California High Court VacancyWith only weeks left in office, Gov. Jerry Brown has picked one of his senior advisers to fill a long-running vacancy on the California Supreme Court.
California High Court Sides With Police In Fight Over ChasesThe California Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit that could have made it easier to hold police liable for crashes during pursuits.
California Court Rules Juveniles' Sentences UnconstitutionalIn a 4-3 decision on Monday, the court said that such sentences violate the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.
California's Chief Justice Calls For End To Cash BailCalifornia's top judge wants to do away with the state's cash bail system, which critics say keeps poor people behind bars while wealthier suspects can pay for their freedom.
California Death Penalty Measure Survives, But With LimitsCalifornia could take a giant step closer to resuming executions when the state Supreme Court issues a highly anticipated ruling.
California Supreme Court Ruling Could End Bullet Train SuitsA California Supreme Court ruling expected Thursday could help speed construction of the state's $64 billion high-speed rail project by exempting it from a key environmental review law.
California Judges Can Refuse To Cut 3-Strike SentencesThe California Supreme Court has ruled that judges have broad authority in refusing to lighten the sentences of "three-strike" inmates, despite recent ballot measures aimed at reducing the state's prison population.
California Supreme Court Says Officials' Emails From Private Accounts Are Public RecordsThe California Supreme Court says the public has the right to access emails and text messages about government business sent on California officials' private accounts.
California Supreme Court To Weigh In On Juvenile SentencesThe California Supreme Court is set to decide whether a mandatory criminal sentence of 50 years to life for a juvenile convicted of a killing violated the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.
California Supreme Court OKs Lawsuits On 'Organic' LabelingThe California Supreme Court says state law allows consumers to file lawsuits alleging food products are falsely labeled "organic."