California Orders More Insurance Options For Wildfire AreasThe California insurance commissioner has ordered the state's “insurer of last resort” to offer more comprehensive coverage for homeowners who can't buy private insurance because they live in areas threatened by wildfires.
Cal Fire Says Fall Is Most Critical Time During Fire SeasonHot and dry conditions continue throughout the region, and fire crews are bracing for what is known as the most devastating time of year for fire season.
President Biden Releases Federal Funds To Aid Fire Hose Shortage In CaliforniaThe Biden administration has released federal funds ordering a private contractor in Oklahoma to make more fire hoses for wildland crews as fires continue to blaze through California.
Pres. Biden In Sacramento As He Points To Western Wildfires To Push For Big, $3.5 Trillion RebuildPresident Joe Biden on Monday used his first Western swing in office to hold out the wildfires burning across the region as an argument for his $3.5 trillion rebuilding plans, calling year-round fires and other extreme weather a climate change reality the nation can no longer ignore.
California Approves New Spending On Drought, Wildfire PreventionCalifornia lawmakers on Thursday voted to spend more than $2 billion to prevent wildfires and address a severe drought, closing the book — for now — on a $262.5 billion operating budget that began the year with a record deficit because of the pandemic and ended with a record surplus in spite of it.
Local High School Football Games Canceled Due To Unhealthy Air & COVIDSeveral games were canceled due to wildfire smoke.
Furry Friends Bring Calm To Firefighters Before Heading To Fire LinesHopping from fire to fire during the height of a historic California wildfire season can wear crews down and take its toll. Many spend their days away from home and their loved ones. But a group of volunteers hopes to take some of the pressure off by bringing their furry friends to those fighting on the front lines.
How Many Acres Of Forest Did The State Treat Ahead Of This Year’s Fire Season?From debates to the Assembly and Senate floors, the number of wildland acres treated to prevent wildfires has become a political hot button heading into the recall.
El Dorado County Evacuees Eager To Go Home As Caldor Fire Continues To GrowEvacuees Friday were patiently waiting outside barricades hoping they’ll be allowed back home soon as the Caldor Fire burned through El Dorado County.
Safer Inside Or Out? Smoky Skies Send Students Indoors Alongside COVID RisksSmoke or COVID exposure, what's worse? It's the catch 22 schools and families are battling this week as wildfires send smoke across the region.
California Burning: Protections for Fire Victims, EvacueesHere are protections and resources for wildfire victims and evacuees.