Salvation Army Yuba-Sutter Welcomes First Camp Fire Survivors Into New Temporary HousingThe Salvation Army finished building the new eight fully-furnished 1,000 square foot homes for Camp Fire survivors in time to get families in before the holidays.
Report: Early PG&E Blackouts Forewarned Later ProblemsEven as PG&E assured regulators it was fixing the problems, the utility kept making many of the same mistakes, further undermining trust after its outdated equipment and negligence has been blamed for fires that killed nearly 130 people during 2017 and 2018.
6 Charged With Filing Phony California Wildfire ClaimsSix people who claimed their homes were destroyed in California's deadliest wildfire have been charged with filing phony federal claims.
Aaron Rodgers, Packers Star And NorCal Native, Shows Hometown Love With Custom CleatsAaron Rodgers showed off more than his moves on the field during Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins.
PG&E Says It Has Reached $13.5 Billion Wildfire SettlementPacific Gas and Electric says it has reached a $13.5 billion settlement that will resolve all major claims related to devastating wildfires blamed on its outdated equipment and negligence.
PG&E Shareholders, Bondholders Battle Over Future of Beleaguered UtilityA multi-billion-dollar liability due to devastating wildfires plunged utility giant Pacific Gas and Electric into bankruptcy.
Report: PG&E's Failure To Maintain Transmission Tower Helped Lead To The Deadly Camp FireInspections and maintenance of a California utility's transmission-line towers were inadequate for years, and that helped lead to an equipment failure that ignited the state's deadliest wildfire, state investigators say in a recent report.
Paradise High School Competes For Title One Year After Deadly Camp FireThe game comes just over a year after the Camp Fire mostly destroyed the town of Paradise, burning down roughly 19,000 buildings and killing 85 people.
A Year Later, Debris Removal Completed For California’s Deadliest WildfireCalifornia officials say crews have finished removing millions of tons of debris left by a Northern California wildfire that killed 85 people and virtually annihilated a town.
Fire Crews Remember Chaos That Ensued When Camp Fire First Broke OutAs the sun set on Paradise Friday, people remembered the tragedy and triumphs of the last year.
Paradise Residents Say No Fire Can Destroy Their BondResidents say they know it's not going to be easy making those steps forward, but they have each other and they say no fire can destroy that bond.