Company That Makes Iconic Sweethearts, Necco Wafers Abruptly Shuts DownThe company that makes Necco wafers and Sweethearts shut down without warning Tuesday.
See's Candy Shops Giving Out Free Lollipops On FridayIf you're a fan of See's Candies Classic Lollypops, you're in luck. 
Rodent Feces ‘Too Numerous To Count’ Among Violations Found At Necco PlantThe Food and Drug Administration has warned the struggling New England Confectionery Company about “serious violations” found at its Revere plant.
Video Shows Woman Stealing Halloween Candy Left Out For KidsIt's a case of adults behaving badly. A woman says she left a bowl of candy on her porch on Halloween night, only to have it stolen -- bowl and all -- right off her porch.
Breakdown Of Calories, Fat & Sugar In Halloween Candy FavoritesHalloween is right around the corner and you probably already have your mind set on what you hope to find in your trick-or-treat bucket.
New Jersey Warning About Halloween Candy Containing Marijuana Being Called Scare TacticNew Jersey is warning parents to look out for people slipping their kids marijuana-laced candy while trick-or-treating. But with no apparent evidence that's ever happened, advocates for legalizing the drug say it's nothing more than a Halloween scare tactic.
Firefighters Free Boy’s Hand From Coin-Operated Candy MachineA young boy with a sweet tooth went a little too far to fish some free candy out of a vending machine.
Man Charged With Stealing Thousands Of Pounds Of CandyA man from Hesperia, California was arrested Thursday after authorities say they found his garage full of stolen sweets.
Man Accused Of Selling Stolen Candy From His Garage In Southern CaliforniaCandy might not be so sweet for a Southern California man.
Study Reveals Californians' Favorite Halloween CandyAre you planning to give candy on Halloween? If you live in California, a new survey suggests offering up Life Savers if you want your house to be the most popular among trick-or-treaters.
Backpack Containing $100,000 In Cash Left At Burger King In San JoseAn assistant manager at a Northern California Burger King restaurant found a backpack loaded with about $100,000 in a booth but so far no one has come forward to claim it.