Coronavirus Unemployment: Reopening Claims Amid 2nd Shutdown, Some Still Waiting For Benefits From 1st ShutdownWe’re 18 weeks into the pandemic and many who are still waiting for their unemployment from the first round of closures now have to re-file as their industries close again.
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Limits Lawmakers' Efforts To Help Californians Collect UnemploymentThe Employment Development Department is telling state lawmakers to stop trying to help so many Californians collect the unemployment they're entitled to. 
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Missing Data - How Many Still Waiting for First Payments?CBS13 investigative reporter Julie Watts has uncovered federal data that indicates California may have paid fewer than three out of five new unemployment claims between March and April.
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Acknowledges Staff May Be Responsible For Costly Date ErrorsEmployment Development Department agents have been accusing people of making costly typos on their unemployment applications.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Inside EDD’s $11.1 Million Call Center Contract As Calls Go UnansweredAfter months of promises and millions of dollars spent on the EDD call center, people are still struggling to get through to someone with answers at the EDD.
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Date Errors Keeping Self-Employed Filers From Their Back-PayAs businesses begin to reopen, many people are still waiting for the unemployment payments they are owed from the months they have been out of work.
Coronavirus Unemployment: 8 Weeks, Still No EDD Answers For People Who Exhausted BenefitsIt’s been nearly eight weeks since the president signed the CARES Act, giving people an extra 13 weeks of unemployment benefits, but Californians still can’t even apply for that money.  
Coronavirus Unemployment: Some Self-Employed Still Waiting For Pandemic Unemployment AssistanceAfter seven weeks of waiting just to apply for unemployment, many self-employed Californians were optimistic they’d get their money within 48 hours of applying, as promised. But it turns out, that didn’t exactly happen.
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Success StoriesWhile many filers continue to struggle, we're finally seeing some successes. However, they have taken much longer than expected.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Pandemic Unemployment Application Website Crashed Tuesday MorningAfter weeks of waiting, millions of self-employed Californians were finally supposed to be able to apply for the new pandemic unemployment assistance on Tuesday. 
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Phone Tips — Couple Finds Success After 732 CallsAfter weeks of complaints, this week the EDD added a new number, new hours and hundreds of extra employees to get people the unemployment answers they are desperate for — but has it helped?