EDD Audit Confirms CBS13 Investigation - Calls On EDD To Stop Putting Millions At Risk Of Identity TheftFollowing four years and dozens of CBS 13 reports, a permanent fix is finally in the works to prevent state agencies from mailing your social security number.
State Audit: EDD Put Millions At Risk Of Identity TheftThe state auditor released a scathing report Thursday about the state's largest agency, confirming that the Employment Development Department is putting millions at risk of identity theft.
Lawmakers Order EDD Audit Following CBS13 InvestigationOne of California’s largest agencies promised lawmakers it would make changes following a KPIX investigation. But, three years later, we discovered they broke that promise and are still putting millions at risk for identity theft.
Why California Continues To Put Millions At Risk Of ID Theft: The EDD RespondsOne of the nation’s largest state agencies says it is finally removing Social Security numbers from a document mailed every two weeks to millions of Californians—years after it told CBS13 and lawmakers it had already removed the numbers.
California Agency Still Making ID Theft Easy By Mailing Out Social Security NumbersTwo and a half years ago, after a KPIX 5 investigation revealed the state was putting millions at risk for identity theft, officials promised changes.
Americans Collecting Disability And Unemployment At Risk Of Identity TheftState agencies across the country are putting millions at risk for identity theft, while Congress has largely ignored a bill that could put an end to the practice.
EDD Plans to Stop Printing Full SSNs On Mailers Following CBS13 ReportsThey said it couldn’t be done. But three months after KPIX 5 ConsumerWatch reported that the state’s unemployment agency was putting millions at risk for identity theft, the California Employment Development Department (EDD) has had a change of heart.
California Lawmakers Demand Change To EDD Practice Of Mailing Social Security NumbersLawmakers from both sides of the aisle are demanding the Employment Development Department make changes immediately following a KPIX 5 report that revealed the state is printing full social security numbers on documents being mailed – putting millions at risk for identity theft.
State Employment Development Dept. Puts Millions Of Californians At Risk For Identity TheftMost people know that their social security number is the key to their identity. Security experts advise that you protect it at all costs. However, ConsumerWatch reporter Julie Watts discovered that one state agency is putting millions of social security numbers at risk despite state laws intended to protect it.