Can Lysol And Clorox Products Kill The Novel Coronavirus? The Answer Is ComplicatedHuman coronaviruses are not new, but the latest outbreak leaves many questions over whether traditional cleaning products are effective against it.
CDC Official Warns Americans It's Not A Question Of If Coronavirus Will Spread, But WhenOne of the top officials at the CDC warned Americans that health experts foresee the novel coronavirus that has killed thousands spreading in the US.
FDA Accuses Jimmy John's Of Serving Vegetables Linked To E. Coli, Salmonella OutbreaksThe FDA has issued a warning letter to the Jimmy John's sandwich chain, saying certain vegetables it served were implicated in five outbreaks of E. coli or salmonella in the past seven years.
CDC: 12 Patients Being Tested For Coronavirus At Northern CA Hospitals; No New Cases ConfirmedThe CDC confirmed Wednesday there are 12 patients currently being tested for the coronavirus at Nothern California hospitals.
Study: Parents, Grandparents To Blame For Half Of Child PoisoningsMore than half of children under age five poisoned by prescription pills ate them after an adult removed the child-resistant safety packaging.
CDC: 5 Evacuees From Wuhan At Travis AFB Hospitalized With Coronavirus SymptomsFive people who were evacuated from Wuhan, China and quarantined at Travis Air Force Base have been confirmed "symptomatic" and transported to a local hospital, the CDC confirmed. 
Family Says Woman Used Mercury-Tainted Skin Cream Twice A Day For Seven YearsThe product contained 12,000 times the legal amount of mercury.
Packaged Hard-Boiled Eggs Linked To Deadly Listeria Outbreak, CDC WarnsA deadly, multistate outbreak of Listeria infections has been linked to packaged hard-boiled eggs, and retailers and consumers are warned not to serve, sell, use or consume the products.
CDC: Puppies Could Be Making People SickThe CDC says puppies are linked to a multi-state outbreak of an infection that's resistant to multiple drugs.
E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Fresh Express Sunflower Crisp Chopped Salad Kits A new outbreak of E. coli infections have been linked to salads with cases in the United States and Canada, the CDC announced.
Breakthrough In CDC Vaping Illness Investigation: Vitamin E Acetate Combined With THC May Be To BlameVitamin E acetate, in combination with THC, may be to blame for a national outbreak of e-cigarette-related lung injuries that are linked to dozens of deaths.