Blood Tests May Reveal Concussions Up To A Week LaterFor now, many athletes take baseline tests to determine whether they’ve received a concussion later. It requires some guesswork.
Houston Texans J.J. Watt: Concussions Are Expected When You Play FootballWhile head trauma in football comes as no surprise, the conversation intensified after the recent film, "Concussion," which brought to light that some former players suffered from the asymptomatic brain disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE.
Soccer Ban On Headshots For Kids Not Seen As DetrimentThe governing body ruled on Monday that players 10 years old and younger can no longer head the ball after a lawsuit related to concussions.
Combating Concussions: High Schools Under Fire For Lack Of Certified Athletic TrainersIt's game night, but all eyes aren't only on the players in the field. Certified athletic trainers are in the spotlight, too.
Son's Concussion Inspires Lodi Man To Start Business Testing Athletes Before Injuries HappenJim Carter with Baseline Administrators says the test is like having insurance, and a preparatory measure testing an athlete’s reaction time, memory and speed.
LeBron's 'Slight' Headache A Big Deal In The NBA Finals
Impact Sensing Helmets Approved For Modesto Football TeamsSeven Modesto high school teams may add concussion sensor helmets for their football players to wear to keep them safe.
Chris Borland's Abrupt Retirement Has Parents Rethinking Letting Children Play FootballThe sudden retirement of a San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker is sending shockwaves from National Football League through the youth leagues.
Old Coach Helps Former 49er Battle Back From HomelessnessThere are many who try, but few who reach such prominence in sports. Terry Tautolo is one of them.
3 Reasons Why FIFA Needs To Pay More Attention To ConcussionsTo many-a-fan's dismay, some players were noticeably 'out of it' and even collapsed after sustaining a head injury during play. While getting injured is something that can happen in any sport, certain protocols need to be followed to ensure player safety.
Limit On Full-Contact Football Heads To Governor A bill that limits full-contact practices for high school football teams is heading to the governor's desk.