Loomis Wildlife Rescue Helps Rehabilitate Hundreds Of Orphaned Fawns Each YearFawns are a sign of spring - and nobody knows that more than one Placer County wildlife rescuer.
Daring Doe Returns To Fair Oaks Neighborhood After Being Relocated Once BeforeThe new year means an old friend has returned to Fair Oaks.
Deer Are Running Away With Christmas Lights In El Dorado CountyThey graze in your yard and wander the streets, but no one expects a deer to take off with your Christmas lights.
Chicken Feeder Caught Around Deer's Neck In Calaveras CountyThis 50-pound buck was foraging for food when he got his head stuck in a chicken feeder.
Wildlife Officials Warn Of 'Zombie' Deer That Suffer From A Highly Contagious Disease"Zombie" deer roam 24 states in the US, sickened by a neurodegenerative disease that reduces them to stumbling, drooling creatures.
El Dorado County Deer Getting Stuck In Wrought Iron Fences And DyingDave Cook with the Sierra Wildlife Rescue told CBS13 that wrought iron fences are becoming traps for young deer in the area.
Caught On Camera: Firefighters Rescue Deer Stuck In FenceA Lodi woman discovered a deer stuck in a fence and called the fire department for help.
13-Year-Old Stops Making Breakfast To Bag 27-Point 'Monster' BuckA Tennessee teen who woke up last Friday morning wanting to go squirrel hunting ended up with a much bigger trophy before the day was over.
Firefighters Lasso Deer Stranded In CanalSacramento firefighters rescued two deer from a canal, thanks to someone bringing a lasso.
VIDEO: Metro Fire Crews Lasso And Rescue Buck, Doe From CanalRescue crews had their hands full after a buck and a doe ran into a canal near Gold River late Tuesday morning.
Deer With Mouth Stuck In Jar Tranquilized And FreedA young mother deer that had its mouth stuck inside a jar has been freed.