Mama, Puppies Found Living In Logs In Rugged MountainsA Salt Lake County couple witnessed an incredible story of wilderness survival that began in the highest, most rugged mountains in Utah.
Dog Survives Week Floating On Couch In Home Flooded By Hurricane FlorenceA team from Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) drove all the way to North Carolina to rescue animals trapped by the storms. 
10-Week-Old Puppy Stolen In Front Of PetSmartSomeone stole a 10-week-old puppy in Marana on Sunday. Workers at the PetSmart on River and Orange Grove say it happened at an adoption event at its store.
Bully Breed Dogs Targeted, Left Severely Injured In Clarksburg Area Bully breed dogs, including pit bulls, are being found with injuries left in fields in the Clarksburg area. 
New Brain Cancer Treatment For Dogs Could Someday Help HumansResearchers at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech are enrolling dogs with glioblastoma into a clinical trial to test the experimental drug.
Paw-ternity Leave: Companies Offer Paid Leave To Care For Sick PetsSome companies across the U.S. are recognizing this and are now offering employees paid leave to care for new puppies or sick pets.
Too Cute? Colleges, Courts Grapple With The Role Of Companion AnimalsColleges have seen an uptick in the number of registered emotional support animals on campus.
Police: Pit Bull Dies Protecting Family From Armed IntruderKyle Brown is crediting his pit bull Petey with saving his, and his family’s lives after a gunman barricaded himself inside his Romulus home on Friday.
Dog's Lick Causes Blood Infection, Man Has Limbs AmputatedGreg Manteufel contracted Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacteria found in dog saliva that can cause sepsis.
Woman Finds Two Puppies Bound, Stuffed Inside CrateTwo puppies that were found stuffed inside a crate and hanging on for life are recovering at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter.
Dogs Rush To Help When Owners Cry, Study SuggestsA new study suggests that dogs not only notice when someone is upset and needs help, they also might move more quickly to assist.
Man Accused Of Stealing 14 Show Dogs Arrested, Another At Large
Ugly Dogs Return For Annual Northern California Contest
Police: Van Stolen In Redding With Show Dogs Inside Recovered, All Dogs SafeMore than a dozen show dogs are missing after a cargo van was stolen from a fast food parking lot in Redding.
Dogs May Be Next Source Of Deadly Flu Pandemics, Study FindsA new report is now warning that the next deadly flu pandemic may be carried by dogs.