Geologists: Sacramento's Location Provides A Safety Nest From EarthquakesThere aren't many active faults in the area, and the location creates a safety nest.
Scientists: Quakes That Rattled Greater Seattle Area On Friday Not Linked To Recent California JoltsTwo earthquakes shook the Puget Sound region in Washington state early Friday morning, with the temblors felt into British Columbia and across the Cascade Mountains.
Scientists: Atmospheric Rivers Could Be More Dangerous Than Earthquakes For SacramentoScientists say the Sacramento region could be facing its own “Big One” – and it’s not an earthquake.
Gov. Gavin Newsom Says Earthquake Alert System On The Way For CaliforniaFor many Californians, the legend of "The Big One" seems to feel more urgent and real after a terrifying sequence of earthquakes rattled the region last week.
4.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits In Rural Sonoma CountyA 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck rural unincorporated Sonoma County early Tuesday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey.
Cluster Of Small Quakes Continues To Hit Off California ShoreA cluster of small undersea earthquakes has continued off Southern California near San Clemente Island.
Small Quake Shakes Eureka Region Of California CoastThe U.S. Geological Survey says a part of the Northern California coast was shaken by a small earthquake.
Seismologists Link Heavy Winter Rain To Increase In EarthquakesThe snow is finally starting to melt after a long, wet winter, which could be creating the perfect breeding-ground for earthquakes.
Southern California Tickled By Tiny Quakes Every 3 MinutesThere's a whole lot of shakin' going on in Southern California — 10 times more than seismologists had thought. But most of those earthquakes are so tiny that no one feels them.
ShakeAlert, CA's 1st Earthquake Warning System, To Be Tested In OaklandThe U.S. Geological Survey and California’s Office of Emergency Management are testing out a new tool that could alert people via cell phone of an impending earthquake in the critical seconds before the shaking begins.
Earthquake Shakes Near Piedmont For Second Morning In A RowAnother earthquake has shaken near Piedmont Thursday morning, the second day in a row in the same area.