Senate Dems Win Significant Victory To Preserve Net Neutrality RulesDemocrats in the Senate squeaked out a major victory in their effort to save Obama-era net neutrality protections.
How Do Scammers Call You With Your Own Phone Number?Have you ever gotten a phone call from your own number? Or one that was just a few digits off? It’s the latest illegal scam to get you to answer your phone – neighborhood spoofing.
FCC Chair: $2 Annual Tax Would Expand High-Speed Internet Connections At SchoolsFCC Chairman Tom Wheeler told reporters that he estimates the average consumer or business would pay roughly $1.90 extra a year per phone line to make that happen. Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Monday issued a statement endorsing the plan.
Send The FCC Your Comments On Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet
FCC Commissioner Supports Repealing NFL TV Blackout RulesPai, one of five FCC commissioners, became the first to speak out in favor of eliminating the NFL policy the FCC instituted in 1975. The regulation prevents games that are not sold out 72 hours in advance of kickoff from being broadcast in the home team's market by cable and satellite providers.
FCC Pitches Better Internet Support For Sacramento Schools, LibrariesThe FCC is teaming up with city and state leaders and corporations such as AT&T to make it happen in an effort to improve the learning experience for students.
FCC Won't Appeal Net Neutrality RulingThe Federal Communications Commission says it won't appeal a court decision that struck down rules it designed to ensure that the transmission of all Internet content be treated equally. The agency says it will fashion new rules.
Netflix Stock Price Falls As Investors Ponder Net Neutrality RulingWill broadband providers start charging Internet services such as Netflix to deliver the massive amounts of data that streaming video and other content require?
Feds Propose Shifting More Airwaves To BroadbandFederal officials looking for more airwaves to deliver wireless broadband services are recommending that the government reallocate a sizeable chunk of radio spectrum currently used for naval radar systems and weather satellites.