Counterfeit Oxy Pills Cut With Fentanyl Blamed For Several San Joaquin County Overdose DeathsSan Joaquin County authorities say they’ve linked some recent fentanyl overdose-related deaths to counterfeit oxycodone pills.
Elk Grove Woman Claims Hospital Mistake Killed Her Mother, But No Attorney Will Take Her CaseAn Elk Grove woman says a hospital mistake killed her mother, yet no attorney is willing to take the case.
Deputies Discover Pills That Are Supposed To Be Oxycodone But Actually Contained FentanylThe San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office issued a public safety announcement after a chilling discovery in a drug case.
Placer County Inmates, Deputies & K-9 Taken To Hospital After Possible Fentanyl ExposureThe Placer County Sheriff's Department said several inmates have been transported to local hospitals for suspected Fentanyl exposure.
DEA Warns Of New Drug 100 Times More Potent Than FentanylAs drug users are rushed to emergency rooms in record numbers for fentanyl overdoses, the DEA has issued an alert after the drug caused three deaths in San Diego.
Mass Fentanyl Overdose In Chico Prompts Police To Warn Of Illicit Drug's DangersOver the weekend in Chico, one man died and a dozen others were rushed to the hospital after overdosing on fentanyl.
Mass Fentanyl Overdose In Chico Kills 1 Person, Leaves 12 More HospitalizedA mass drug overdose at a home in Chico has killed one person and sent more than a dozen people to hospitals, police said.
Fentanyl Is The Deadliest Drug In America, CDC ConfirmsEvery 8 minutes someone dies from an accidental drug overdose. Most of the time, it's from fentanyl.
Police Taking Measures To Protect K-9s From Potential Opioid OverdosesIt’s no secret that being a police officer can be a dangerous job, but now, officers are facing a new enemy that can be virtually invisible and deadly to their closest allies.
Prince Had An 'Exceedingly High' Concentration Of Fentanyl In His Body When He DiedA toxicology report from Prince's autopsy has provided a more detailed picture of the cause of the singer's death.
Childhood Friends Die On Same Day, Half A Mile Apart, Of Opioid OverdoseTwenty seconds is all it took to kill 19-year-old Dustin Manning.