Potential Swing Vote On Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision Has Sacramento RootsJustice Anthony Kennedy grew up in Sacramento and taught Constitutional law at McGeorge from 1965 until his appointment to the Supreme Court in 1988. Since then, he’s taught at McGeorge’s summer program in Austria.
Utah Police Officer Placed On Leave After Gay Pride Parade Objections Speaks Out Months LaterEric Moutsos, 33, said Wednesday that he was unfairly branded a bigot despite simply asking to swap roles and work a different part of the parade in June 2014. Moutsos, a Mormon, said he felt uncomfortable doing what he considered celebratory circles with other motorcycles leading the parade because of his religious views. But he said he never refused to work the parade.
Mormon Church Takes Different Stance On Gay Rights, But LGBT Supporters Say It Isn't EnoughIn yet another example of a shift in tone on gay rights, leaders of the Mormon church spoke out on Tuesday in support of anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT community. At the same time, the church also called for laws that would protect faith communities against discrimination and retaliation.
Federal Judge Strikes Down Alabama's Same-Sex Marriage BanAlabama became the latest state to see its ban on gay marriage fall to a federal court ruling Friday, as the issue of same-sex marriage heads to the U.S. Supreme Court.
U.S. Supreme Court's Decision To Step Back Into Gay Marriage Debate Stirs Both SidesShe and her partner, Shelly Bailes, have been legally married in California for six years, and together for 41. They’ve worked on the marriage equality movement for 15 years and have seen change.
U.S. Supreme Court To Decide On Gay Marriage Cases In AprilThe Supreme Court says it will decide whether same-sex couples nationwide have a right to marry under the Constitution.
Group In Nevada Against Same-Sex Marriage Abandons FightA group that fought to keep Nevada's state ban on same-sex marriage is dropping its appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court and a lower court, clearing the way for gay weddings.
Supreme Court Denies States' Appeals To Prohibit Same-Sex MarriageThe Supreme Court has turned away appeals from five states seeking to prohibit same-sex marriages, paving the way for an immediate expansion of gay and lesbian unions.
Same-Sex Marriage Heading For Supreme Court Vote? Both sides in the gay marriage debate agree on one thing: It's time for the Supreme Court to settle the matter.
Bill Adds 'Parent' Box To Birth Certificates The California Legislature has approved a bill that will modify birth certificates to accommodate same-sex couples who become parents.
Proposed Texas GOP Platform Would Support Controversial Therapy To Cure Gay PeopleA push to include the new anti-gay language survived a key vote late Thursday in Fort Worth at the Texas Republican Convention where, across the street, tea party star U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz fired up attendees at a rally to defend marriage as between a man and a woman.