Imitation Handgun Lands Man Behind BarsHe's being charged exhibiting an imitation firearm in a threatening manner.
Sacramento Search Warrants Lead To Pounds Of Meth, Heroin, Cocaine, Cash, And MoreTwo men are behind bars in separate drug arrests by the Sacramento County Probation Department.
Stockton Police Take Three Guns Off The StreetStockton Police say they seized three handguns in separate incidents on Saturday. 
Police Presence At Two Rocklin High Schools TomorrowThe Rocklin Police Department says it is aware of concerns related to Clark and it is monitoring social media regarding the arrest.
Rocklin High Student Arrested For Pulling Out A Gun In ClassA student reported seeing a classmate not only bring a gun to school but pull it out in the middle of class.
Stockton Student Arrested For Possessing Gun, Ammunition, MarijuanaStockton Unified School District is dealing with two serious crimes committed on two separate campuses in just two days.
Police Call Ends Modesto High School DanceThe school's text alert system failed to notify parents.
Arrests At Elk Grove High School After Gun DiscoveredPolice found the gun and ammunition under bleachers in the gym.
Jewelry Store Employees Use Swords To Deter Would-Be RobbersEmployees of a jewelry store in Mississauga, Ontario used swords to fend off armed would-be robbers this week. The brazen midday attack was caught on video. 
FBI Agent Whose Gun Went Off After Back Flip In Nightclub Gets Gun BackAn FBI agent accused of accidentally dropping and firing his gun while dancing at a Denver nightspot, hitting a bystander in the leg, can carry his work weapon again as he considers a possible plea deal.
Roseville High School Placed On Lockdown As Precaution Over Rumors Of Gun On CampusRoseville High School was placed on lockdown after a student overheard a conversation where a gun was mentioned.