Kathy Ireland Opens Up About Elizabeth Taylor’s Safe House For HIV Patients
While HIV Is Treatable, States Keep Laws Criminalizing it From AIDS Panic EraAccording to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 33 states including California have HIV criminal laws, generally making it a crime to expose others to HIV or fail to disclose HIV-positive status.
Advocates Hope Charlie Sheen's Announcement Will Raise HIV Awareness Ruger says Sheen’s disclosure will hopefully make people aware that even people like Sheen—straight men with money—can still contract the virus.
Actor Charlie Sheen Reveals He Is HIV PositiveIn an interview Tuesday on NBC's "Today," the 50-year-old Sheen said he tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS.
Mobile HIV Testing Unit Provides Answers Within MinutesThe Sacramento LGBT Community Center hopes to use its mobile HIV-testing unit to get more people to take control of their health.
Sacramento Woman May Hold Key To Cure For HIV, AIDSIn the world, 35 million people are living with HIV or AIDS. Most take a myriad of drugs to suppress the disease from wreaking havoc on their immune system. Loreen Willenberg is one of those 35 million, but in the 23 years since she was diagnosed, she takes no drugs, has no symptoms, and has never been sick.
Pill Aimed At Preventing HIV Infections Available In SacramentoIt’s called Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP and it has been proven in studies to be highly effective in keeping people HIV negative if it’s taken every day.
Stem Cell Treatment Has UC Davis A Step Closer To HIV Cure Researchers at UC Davis say they are one step closer to finding a cure for HIV in a breakthrough study for millions around the world living with the virus.
HIV-Infected Porn Actors Call For Condom UseA handful of HIV-positive porn actors called on the adult film industry Wednesday to require that condoms be used on all film sets, saying a recent outbreak of infections proves the industry's mandate that performers be tested every 14 days isn't working.
30 Years After First AIDS Cases, Hope For A CureSunday marks 30 years since the first AIDS cases were reported in the United States. And this anniversary brings fresh hope for something many had come to think was impossible: finding a cure.
No New HIV Cases In California Porn StarsNo new cases of HIV have been found at the Los Angeles clinic where an adult film actor tested HIV-positive last month.