Syrian News Reports Missile Attack; US Denies It Fired ThemSyria's state-run news agency says the military's air defenses have confronted a missile attack on air base in central Syria and shot down eight missiles.
Next Stop For Trump Is Israel, In Pursuit Of ‘Ultimate Deal’President Donald Trump has cast the elusive pursuit of peace between Israelis and Palestinians as the “ultimate deal.” But he will step foot in Israel having offered few indications of how he plans to achieve what so many of his predecessors could not.
Israel Fumbles Goodwill Visit Of NFL PlayersIt was supposed to be a feel-good visit by a group of professional football players to give a boost to image-conscious Israel.
Israel Offers Advice To Stop Human Trafficking At Super Bowl 50Shmueli says human trafficking was one of Israel’s worst crises, aside from the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Women and children were smuggled from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and forced into prostitution.
Sen. Barbara Boxer Says She Will Support Iran Nuclear AgreementDemocratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California says she will support an agreement designed to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for relief from crippling economic sanctions.
Anti-Israel Divestment Push Gains More Traction At US CollegesThe lecture hall had filled quickly. Several students arrived wearing keffiyehs, the traditional Palestinian headscarves, while in the front row, a young man sat draped in the Israeli flag
Community, Lawmakers Denounce Swastikas Displayed Outside Sacramento HomeLawmakers are demanding that a California man take down poster-size swastikas displayed in front of his house, calling the signs racist and vulgar.
Religious Chants At UC Davis Debate Raise Concerns After Jewish Fraternity House VandalizedThe chants are associated with Muslim prayer, and with Islamic terrorism, but you wouldn’t expect to hear them in a student debate at UC Davis. They were shouted at Israel supporters when they objected to a student-passed resolution to boycott Israel.
Support Of Israel Reason House Was Tagged With Swastikas, Frat SaysOn Saturday morning – the holiest day of the week for Jews – swastikas spray painted in red on their Jewish frat house were the last thing these brothers expected to wake up to.
Swastikas Found Painted On Jewish Frat House In DavisA Jewish fraternity woke up to the hate symbols spray-painted on their home Saturday morning.
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