Leisure And Hospitality Leads Sacramento Job GrowthSacramento did see an uptick in unemployment from 5.6 percent to 6 percent. But most of the report focused around eight sectors with month-over increases in jobs.
Education Ensures Career Advancement For WordPress DeveloperThere are places where you can continue to get an education from industry veterans, and that knowledge will benefit you in countless ways. Web development is constantly changing, but starting is the biggest part of the battle.
Education Is Just The Beginning For Sacramento Psychology ProfessorThe academic world is changing a lot today, but it remains potentially one of the most rewarding careers one can experience if one is willing to work hard and with focus on the goals that have taken you there.
Entrepreneurship A Worthy Calculated Risk Says Sacramento Business OwnerBecause of the challenges associated with business ownership, school gave me the groundwork to take on just about any obstacle in my path.
Education Was Key Ingredient To Rewarding Career For Sacramento Physicist"In today's world, a university education is a requirement for the professional role I serve. All of my secondary educational background, [including] university and military education, has prepared me adequately to fill my professional role," said Sean Jones.
Professor Urges Students To Map Education To Meet Career Expectations"Those interested in an academic career, especially one in the humanities, need to be aware of job prospects and plan their education accordingly," said Charles Tieszen.
Sacramento Makes The List For Cities That Are Startup FriendlyIn their August 2015 issue, Entrepreneur magazine ranked Sacramento in the top nine cities -- fourth to be exact-- that are hot for startups, specifically cities that aren't San Francisco or New York.
Sacramento Attorney Promotes Critical Thinking For Budding Law Careers"A person seeking a career as a lawyer should get the best education they can. Learning how to think critically is an essential requirement for the job," said attorney Clyde Blackmon.
Sacramento CPA Urges Job Seekers To Gain Experience With EducationCompleting your civic duty of paying your federal taxes on time and providing help to people in fulfilling said civic duties -- as well as other financial odds and ends -- can be stressful and lends that industry to being especially prone to the errant customer who'll vent on said review sites.
Sacramento Developer Went Back To School For More Than 'Just The Paper'David Petree, CEO of Cloak and Dagger, went back to school after 20 years of sales experience to set up a software startup that specializes in encryption here in Sacramento. “We are trying to get every day people to better protect themselves in the modern world through technology.”
Psychology Professor Says Education Is Important But Learning Is EverywhereIt is never too late to change the path you are on; it takes commitment, resilience, support, a strategy and willingness to do the work. In the end, nothing ever comes trying to fake it.
Education Is The Foundation To Make Meaningful ChangesImproving healthcare from the ground up at a local level starts with someone who has an inherent understanding of patient care as well as the educational foundation to make some meaningful changes. Rayne Soriano is that man.
Sacramento English Professor Enjoys Working With Developmental WritersWith demands for STEM majors being the rallying cry for our nation's young adults in the twenty-first century, colleges are more apt to stuff curriculums full of coding and calculus rather than the arts of reading, writing and critical thinking.
California State Prison Principal Is A Proponent Of Higher EducationDale Hamad is the principal of one rather unique adult education program as it's classes are held in the confines of the California State Prison system.
Sacramento Tech Mogul Didn't Let Education Setbacks Dampen Goals"I struggled with math in college at CSUS. I took calculus four times and failed it each time. I dropped out because I couldn't pass calculus and switched to ITT Technical Institute in Rancho Cordova. I graduated from there with a bachelor and associates degree, which helped land me my first job at Electronic Arts."