Nearly 2,200 Pulses Of Lightning Recorded Off SoCal Coast In 5 HoursResidents in Southern California may have thought they were elsewhere in the United States as they witnessed a powerful display of lightning in the night sky Tuesday.
Family Struck By Lighting In Central CaliforniaA father and his two young children were struck by lightning in Tulare County and lived to tell about it. They’re just grateful to be alive.
After Lightning Delays, SF Giants Hand Dodgers 11th Straight LossLos Angeles, which has lost 16 of 17 overall, had its lead atop the NL over idle Washington trimmed to 3 1/2 games.
Man Survives Getting Struck By Lightning Near Donner SummitExperts say, you have about a one in a million chance of getting struck by lightning, but hiking on a mountain top during an electrical storm increases those odds exponentially.
Lightning Puts On A Show Overnight In San Joaquin ValleyThe week is being sent off with a bit of a bang as thunderstorms roll through the region.
Woman Delivers Baby After Being Struck By LightningA woman who was struck by lightning while she was pregnant remains in intensive care at a Florida hospital where her newborn also is being treated.
Call Kurtis: Lightning Is In The Forecast, How Should You Prepare?There's no telling when and where a lightning bolt will strike. If you're not prepared, you could be on your own to replace lots of pricey electronics and appliances.
Don’t Think California Is Safe From Deadly Lightning StrikesA close crack of thunder demands your attention, a bright flash of lightning will stop anyone in their tracks – but is it enough to prompt you to take action?
Video: SUV Hit By Lightning In AustraliaAn SUV was hit by lightning in Melbourne Australia, and it was caught on video.
Lightning Strikes Reported Overnight In San Joaquin ValleyIt may be summer, but some areas of the valley could see a little bit of rain Thursday.
Lightning Strikes Spark New Wildfires In Northern CaliforniaHundreds of lightning strikes overnight have sparked three dozen new wildfires in Northern California, authorities said Sunday.